A good personality just   Lei Jia Dongfeng Renault people.com.cn drive — people.com.cn car people.com.cn said this car test drive experience before, the first to talk about it what is the positioning. The use of Keleijia and – off the same platform, there are a large number of parts are shared. The Qashqai is an entry location of the compact SUV, so Correga also in this market segment. From its body size, price configuration, just in the standard compact SUV and small SUV between the delicate area. Competitors? In my opinion, walk in this area’s products include modern new Tucson, KIA KX5, Mazda CX-4, MITSUBISHI ASX and Skoda YETI Jin hyun. Power system is my most concerned about the part, because it determines the performance of the car with me every day, the car, can give me a good mood. Correga’s power system did not say, very smooth and very good. The 2.0L naturally aspirated engine named M5R, and that at first glance that the Nissan Qashqai is completely different (MR20), but its maximum power and peak torque and Qashqai exactly the same for 150 horsepower and 200 meters?. The Qashqai quality in about 1.42 tons, while Corey Gia John is 1.46 tons, the difference is not large, dynamic performance is indeed very close to. With the Nissan CVT gearbox, Correga in the daily driving time when people feel docile, no temper. Driving it through the few feet to high streets and back lanes, throttle the impulse. Why is this power system completely and not competing with you, even to a certain extent, encourage you gently driving. There are media counterparts Keleijia throttle early than the Qashqai more dull, I totally agree with. But it is also due to the slow, but that it has more mature than the Qashqai, improve traffic quality. The CVT gearbox work is also very interesting, it can simulate the 7 speed mode, in the actual driving is also often the speed of a fall process, looks like a traditional automatic transmission gear. However, when the vehicle speed is about 30-60Km h, and then release the accelerator pedal, sometimes a setback, sometimes not. Fortunately, this setback has not make people feel uncomfortable, it also has its own mood. Correga has a big "ECO" button on the left side of the driver to encourage you to drive in a more efficient way. After each flameout, the central control screen and even the statistics of energy efficiency display. Since the press ECO and then did not cancel this mode, it is not the first reason is meat, when overtaking or be able to speed up to second; it is more fuel-efficient, slightly slow throttle also make driving less emotional excitement, for Beijing this city block the road. Correga’s suspension setting and similar types of partial Qashqai, belonging to the tough. When the Gou Gou kankam, fierce reaction suspension driving on the pavement slightly; in good time, it can be better not to let the car bumps into fine. This suspension training with the majority of European cars are consistent, the advantage is that the center of gravity of the higher SUV in the bend is also more calm, I)相关的主题文章: