A good Mi Fu Taihu stone was kneeling on the stone on stone — Zhang said before painting — Inner Mongolia Gobi stone people.com.cn source: Beijing daily original title: three kinds of stone stone collectors Mr. Xu Haiwen had recommended me a book, written by Su Wenwang Zhang Fengrong of Taiwan, "stone, stone and stone have picked up". There are a lot of photos in the book of the stone, stone art, have done a detailed exploration of hook picking stones from the stone mining, raising the knowledge and technology to the stone appreciation, with exquisite judgment on famous ancient stone figures, make people feel: stone art is a large landscape majestic and grand; as for the people there are three, non peaceful inner realm, can not close and simo. The stone, derived from many unusual life story — Xing Yunfei is a piece of stone rather than martyrdom life; Su Dongpo with a cake for a block of stone; Mi Fu Taihu stone, was kneeling on the stone before knocking Stone said "Su Yuan Shi Zhang, so called" spectrum "meters top calligraphy aspect through the ages, perhaps it is from the stone into the Zhongwu". And the contemporary "Jinling pearl Yi strange" Sir, collect top grade stone secret, even superior a minister to visit him, also not see, and said that he didn’t come to see me, but for my stone. After reading the book, he went to Xu Haiwen and asked, "why is it so tempting for you?"" He said that the stone has three natural charm: CLS, Zen Tao Wu Jing, the heart of the image. General new natural beauty such as love, heart images such as general Tianhai expanse, Zen realm such as time and. These are all the elements to construct a sacred life. So, how can not make a big temptation to life! Haven is a friend of mine, his "dwelling", is the habitat of the stone, there are thousands of pieces of various rocks. One of the precious stone, Gobi, fossils, crystal mines, etc.. In addition to let people gasp in admiration of stone art is to pick up the cadenza, stone, stone, stone, a touch stone appreciation, enjoy the elegant life. Around above the little Pingchuan stone, she will go to the solitary places. To the northwest of sparsely populated areas to collect stones, he saddled with thousands of dollars in debt to the Tengger Desert, Karamay, Gobi and Al Taishan to do the hard exploration. No money, try to ride — pull oil car, loading vehicles, border post patrol car and Kazakhstan old donkey cart, he will take over. In order to repay the kindness of the minority people, he drank almost a dead horse milk wine; in the vast Gobi, surrounded by sand, the car could not come out, almost buried alive. He told me that the car stuck in the sand, there is water on the car, but you can not drink, to pour water into the boiling water tank to keep the car, to ensure that the car is out of the desert, then. At that time, cars and people actually are one thing, if not to find the stone, which will have the same life experience. Each stone was engraved with his life. It enables us to understand such an investment collectors, why not easily betrayed his art, because art and his life is one thing. Xu Haiwen was not born with a stone. He was born in the mountain farm, young age as a quarryman, worker and salesman, in poverty and misery, talk about life. Labour)相关的主题文章: