A Chongqing company to inform staff anti dual 11 "cut the hand off in January wages – Sohu News Corp posted. Original staff dual 11 "cut the hand of a Chongqing company delayed a month wages double eleven online shopping Carnival upcoming, love online shopping has long been ready, their shopping cart stuffed to the brim, waiting for the arrival of that day in November 11th. However, located in Yubei District, Chongqing Iron Xiyuan Office of a catering company employees, the double eleven may be able to keep their hands. Yesterday (3) days, the company posted a notice of paper – a month delay payment of wages. The company moves anti chop hand "yesterday (3), upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters came to the catering company office, found this notice. In this notice, the company said "in order to ensure the employees do not chop hand, control staff to save money, avoid extra spending leads to family discord, a small area of the phenomenon of bankruptcy, the company management decision will be 10 this month, the wages of the date to the end of December 2016 issue. In another piece of paper on the side of the notice, also wrote "farewell" double eleven "improper chop hand family" slogan. The company’s employees, this notice is posted on the same day in November 3rd. But this time, many employees have started to search for the right goods on the net, waiting for shopping double eleven day. The emergence of this notice, it does give some employees poured a pot of cold water. However, there are employees admitted that this approach is also good, can avoid a lot of impulsive consumption. Double eleven to buy a lot of things are put in the corner with the one or two, if you do not have money to buy, naturally saved." Notice your boss is a chop hand family posted. Why does the company post such a notice? Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter contacted the company’s general manager Li Gang. "Employees complain, but I also think about the company’s young people." Li Gang, 31 years old, with their own more than a dozen employees of an average age of about 25 years old, it is clear to the double in the end of the day in the end what kind of scene will appear in the end of eleven. "Because I’m the one." Li Gang said that during the last eleven years, he bought a $19 thousand of goods, including a computer of more than 8000 yuan. This computer is placed in the home, less than ten times the boot." Li Gang said he was also because of impulsive consumption just "cut the hand, so that employees have to the shopping cart, he was very worried. "In case No. 10 Hair wages, number 11 is finished shopping, the next day, they are not better." In addition, Li Gang also worried about the double eleven after shopping, the next work will have a negative impact, not just a night. This is not to double eleven, the package began to rise, and sometimes take the elevator, they saw their employees back and forth to take parcels." Li Gang said that when the package will be more, the staff will certainly be affected, will affect the company’s performance. Boss: employees have an urgent need can advance but for young people, the deposit is very few, because if the loan or相关的主题文章: