95 after the job resume distinctive: Online Games record is also good – new network, after the upcoming entry into the workplace, their resume is also different from the 95. Yesterday, the 2017 session of the college graduates special recruitment will be held in Nanjing, more than 1 thousand and 200 home units to provide nearly 30 thousand jobs. Most of the 2017 graduates were born in 1995, after entering the workplace, "after 95" to the recruitment will bring a distinctive youth. "The derivative agent" and "Taobao" or even online games outstanding "record", in their resume, become a dazzling "proficiency in a particular line". Yangzi Evening news media reporter Yang Tianzi Wen photo live "game written resume, technology companies are phase if the traditional concept of computer professional students a little" definition ", Xiao Xu is regarded as the" Internet addiction young hundred-percent". In the University, Xiao Xu is not a cadre, did not get any "three good student" award. Most of the spare time, he stays in the dormitory to play games, can the newspaper name online games are playing around. "That is not fun to play online games, to be controlled by others, I should write a play your game." Xu Xu felt that the game played well, may be able to become their own expertise, people play the game Jay Chou also play to the level of international competition." Then, he put his game when "uncomfortable" correct them, re wrote "just like" game playing. Yesterday’s recruitment meeting, Xiao Xu put their own online "record" was written into the resume: "× × × × the strength of the Nanjing game division fourth, the highest ranking top 50 full service area (do Betta anchor). Chess area first, War Within Three Kingdoms group first……" When making a resume, Xu Xu was also ridiculed by friends, they laugh at me all the experience of playing the game, which companies can see me." However, in the recruitment of the site yesterday, a small number of this game resume actually was the employer to look after. A technology company in the HR phase of a small game on the network crazy, especially the students suspected of playing online games is not fun, but also write their own game play, such design talent is what we need. It’s not bad to play games." That the employer HR, a small resume looks "work", but in the personal interest is very prominent in place, "there is interest, expertise, it obviously makes it easier to pay attention to your employer." Taobao shop opened well, PK dropped the student cadres of Nanjing University of Technology’s graceful resume is not normal, practice experience, she opened her own Taobao store experience written in. From February 2013 onwards, the owner of Taobao. Responsible for the goods on the shelves and updates, timely communication with customers…… The total number of orders completed more than 600." Taobao shop can also become a practical experience? In this graceful view, not what can not, "the first shop is because Starchaser, Korean star is not a lot of peripheral products, to the wind相关的主题文章: