With their ethnic culture appearance zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Harbin – in Harbin in September 24, 92 Chinese students (reporter Wang Shuwang Dong Liang) and the characteristics of Tanzania dance, sweet Kazakhstan musical performances, Thailand beach flame performance enthusiastically, playing Russian features beautiful Kazak sa…… 24, foreign students from all over the world with the characteristics of the various ethnic groups gathered in Harbin, Harbin Engineering University to participate in the first international cultural festival in. The picture shows the first international cultural festival of Harbin Engineering University. Wang Dongliang photo Harbin, located in the center of Northeast Asia, known as the Pearl of the Eurasia Continental Bridge, is an important hub of the first Eurasian Continental Bridge and air corridor, is China only to the "European style" as the characteristics of the internationalization of the city; Harbin Engineering University is Chinese famous universities, but also high level talents "three sea nuclear China" maximum field training base and important scientific research base. According to the organizers of the relevant person in charge, the first International Cultural Festival "Wuzhou Sihai fun song" as the theme, attracted students from 92 countries participated in the Harbin Engineering University, Orekhov square, the organizers set up 45 national special exhibition area; including more than 20 countries to create a special diet "the tongue of the world", by the national culture to create miniature "World Expo", and by the more than and 20 national students brought a large theatrical performances. The picture shows the first international cultural festival of Harbin Engineering University. Wang Dongliang is very happy to be in China for so many friends around the world to show our culture in Thailand!" Daniel, a student from Thailand, told reporters that this time he will bring the famous Thailand "beach flame" as an actor, "I will let everyone cheer for me!" Daniel says. The responsible person said that the current international cultural festival held in the original intention was to build a foreign student interaction platform, at the same time, Chinese and foreign students to enrich the cultural life of the campus, creating an international campus atmosphere, promote cultural exchange integration. Harbin Engineering University a year earlier will have to hold some of the national cultural festival activities, strengthen the understanding of inclusiveness and trend in students from all over the world and the increase of international education, the school will be a large-scale cultural exchange activities on the agenda, to help speed up the process of internationalization of the school and Heilongjiang province (end)相关的主题文章: