9 year old girl writing " if I can live and grow up to " the convergence of love – Beijing Sichuan Suining news network October 9th news (reporter Zhao Quanjun Xu Zhaolei photo coverage) October 9th morning, Suining City Economic Development Zone, civil affairs, education and other relevant government departments actively coordinate various departments to carry out rescue and care for allison. At the same time, 9 year old Suining girl Allison’s story touched countless friends, users throughout the country and sincere love is full of positive energy to continue to collect small allison. For government departments and caring people’s concern and help, Allison very grateful for helping the government to deepen the multi sectoral linkage to develop long-term rescue plan the morning of October 9th, the economic development zone of Suining City Public Service Development Bureau of the relevant leaders rushed to the primary school investigation condolences, a detailed understanding of the current situation and Allison learning difficulties in life, each unit is responsible for the relevant departments from the actual situation, Allison and reduce the economic burden of the family. "Previously, the community and street and civil affairs departments to Allison and family to help." Suining open area public service development bureau staff, the assistance will be carried out on the basis of deepening. Suining Economic Development Zone Public Service Development Bureau will coordinate the schools and hospitals for Allison disease diagnosis and treatment, never let the children sick due to delayed learning. Next, Suining City Economic Development Zone, District Committee, trade unions, women’s federations, street office and other departments will also be organized to develop long-term solutions, actively use the rescue fund, apply for relief funds to the superior organization, the community of love for their donations to the personnel. The civil affairs department will carry out public welfare assistance, give temporary relief policy, medical assistance and other policies to take care of. It is understood that the Suining City Board of education will also be for Allison learning and physical condition, formulate the corresponding support plan. Suining charity researcher Yang Quewen, has arranged for someone to Allison’s home and school, the basic situation of the investigation and verification. After verification, will carry out fund-raising. Allison grandma Jiang Quanfang is sign of primary school teachers and students have donated to the fund-raising channels once determined will tell you at present, formal fund-raising channels is not open, but the friends from all around the country have to contact the school Allison, hope to love to good good hands. Today (9 days) Chengdu netizen came driving Suining Ming primary school, I hope personally handed the money to allison. There is a hospital in Tianjin calls, expressed willingness to let Allison hospitalization. Alibaba every positive energy Fund Award for Allison donated 10 thousand yuan in cash into the account in 7 days. From the beginning of October 9th in the morning, many netizens call grandma Jiang Quanfang Allison, Allison asked the condition, inquire about how to raise money. In order to answer each tender caring phone, Jiang Quanfang changed two mobile phone batteries. She also used Allison’s ID card to do the bank card, the primary school teachers and students donated 32352.1 yuan to the card. According to the moon elementary school teacher, the school also received a lot of netizens call. Many users in the country with education department, hoping to offer their donations for allison"相关的主题文章: