8 years to live the number of breakthroughs in the vitality of the League of 100 million heroes, as well as how long in 2010, Brandon in the United States a speech impressed Chen Yu. "At that time, the League of heroes" is not very successful, but he talked about how to make the League of heroes "IP", said that one day he would like to do the "Heroes union" to do the image of the classic IP." In February 6, 2008, the video game developers around the world gathered in Las Vegas to attend the D.I.C.E. summit in the red rock casino. In the middle of many big game company boss, investors, big coffee industry, mixed with two more than and 20 year olds, Brandon · Beck (Brandon Beck) and Mark · (Marc Merrill); Meryl, neither the organizers of the invitation list, there is no summit tickets, two people had to sneak in. Brandon and Mark were incubating an online game, "Legends" (League of). Today, eight and a half years, the reporter sitting opposite Brandon and Mark, recalling the hardships, with a smile. In September 13, 2016, the fist game (Riot Games) revealed in an interview with this newspaper, its online "hero alliance" of the global monthly active users has exceeded 100 million, for four consecutive years to become the world’s first game game player number. In contrast, with the "World of Warcraft", "watch pioneer" and "hearthstone legend" and other well-known online games veteran game Blizzard announced this year, nearly 50 million active users. 2013, the number of monthly active users of similar online DotA2 released 6 million 500 thousand. In the update speed of the online world, "hero alliance" continued fame to exceed all expectations. The fist game game player Anne and the headquarters of the hall provided Perth statue fist game headquarters is located in the west of Losangeles, from the Santa Monica Beach Resort (SantaMonica) is only five kilometers. The company in the middle of the hall stood a ferocious bear statue visitor toward the palm, next to a purple hair girl statue, this is the "hero alliance" in the role of "Anne, daughter of darkness". In the game, the wild bear "Perth" usually will be Anne a teddy bear with me, the face of the enemy, summoned their skills to attack each other. The white walls on both sides of the hall are covered with portraits of other heroes in the game. Every morning and evening, riding on a scooter, walking to the office staff on the shuttle Yu Anni and Tibers, between the game and the real world. All employees of the fist game are fans, even in the financial, administrative and other departments are no exception. In fact, in the day of the interview at CEO, Brandon just got to return the "Legion" World of Warcraft: 110, which is currently the highest level of the game. Brandon almost always smile. Jeans, black jacket, light colored T-shirt is his standard, it is difficult to imagine this seemingly humble and shy CEO did not finish high school. In high school, Brandon was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Serious when,.相关的主题文章: