8 year old husband and wife 10 years field pictures of birds more than 30 thousand see clapnet cut – Shaoxing Beijing on a couple eight years after retirement, picked up the photography field, insist on shooting the birds. Ten years to take a picture of the camera, with a record of more than 150 kinds of birds, of which the two is a new record of birds in Shaoxing. Her husband called Lu Zhiyuan, 83 years old, his wife called Shen Sujuan, this year, age of 81. Two people are in Shaoxing, before working in the field, Lu Zhiyuan do research, Shen Sujuan is a teacher. After retirement, two place. After retirement, there is plenty of time, and need to exercise, so pick up photography hobby." Lu Zhiyuan said. At first, they liked to take pictures, and later noticed that the birds were cute and smart, and soon bought a zoom lens, began the "fight birds" (Photography terminology) career. When we first started shooting birds, many birds could not name them. Lu Zhiyuan went to the library and borrowed many of the "birds" books, pictures and description of every bird photographed, stored in the computer, convenient access. For the past 10 years, the couple have been searching for parks and wetlands in Shaoxing city in order to shoot birds. In Shaoxing City, they most often go to the mausoleum, the staff all know me, see you warmly greeted, where many birds, they will help us to pay attention to." Lu Zhiyuan said, every time I go out to take the bird, he will habitually take unipod, both as a crutch and stabilize the camera." Shoot for a long time, two people became a half bird experts, mastered the habits of birds. Each migration season, they will go to the birds gathered in the reservoir area forest shooting. Ready to eat bread, water and biscuits, second days to go out by bus." Lu Zhiyuan said that last summer, he and his wife went to the Kuaiji mountain forest take the bird, a bird found in a small tree. A moment to jump, it is difficult to shoot, and finally only a record, but the body is obvious." After coming home, he hastened to check the birds of the bird, but did not check, the second day he took the photo to find the city forestry bureau. Bird expert Zhao E Forestry Bureau excitedly told the old man: "Laoliu, you to take a new record in Shaoxing! Huang Meiji?." According to Zhao E introduction, "Shaoxing Wild Bird Society" has a membership of more than 40, and the old couple called "the most senior" shoot the bird, "so much older but also full mountain run, the key is also a new record for, fill the blank of Shaoxing birds." He could not help the old man thumbs up. Ten years in a row to shoot the birds, the two also see more people caught the bird, met with them always want to persuade. Lu Zhiyuan said, when they go out to see clapnet, they will also begin Demolition: "some nets are broken, a look that is placed for a long time, several birds have dried up online adhesion, especially heartache." Now every time I go out, Lu Zhiyuan will bring a pair of scissors, see clapnet will be cut. "We only care about the joy brought about by the birds, and even forget their own age, we have to shoot to keep up to date." Speaking of playing bird experience, two people gushing. "If I were 20 years younger, I would buy a car, buy a professional camera, take pictures of birds. Fang相关的主题文章: