Software Do you want to make videos for YouTube? Perhaps you’d like to create a slideshow that you can share with your friends. You’d think it would be as easy as dragging and dropping your media into a program, then clicking a button that shared your videos and photos with your friends. Unfortunately, most popular free programs like Windows Movie Maker, AVS Video Editor, and the like are either too complicated, or full of bugs and errors. However, there is a new movie maker on the block that goes by the name of Ezvid. Ezvid is a free movie maker for Windows that can be downloaded at It’s loaded with a plethora of features that are not only simple and easy to use, but effective in making your video stand out. Ezvid’s user interface is intuitive. There are no needless file menus; instead, Ezvid’s features are laid out in front of you, and can be accessed by a single a mouse click. This is exceptionally helpful when importing your media. Before, you might have been stuck with a complicated content library that not only takes up space, but is often limited by its inability to support multiple file types. With Ezvid, you can import your pictures or video into Ezvid simply by dragging it into Ezvid’s timeline, which supports all the major media file types. Ezvid makes room for creativity. Ridding you of all the complications of the typical video editing process, you can easily add text slides and narration to your video simply by clicking a button. No longer do you have to worry about complicated effects libraries or menus. To add effects to an image in Ezvid, just right click the image in the timeline, then click on the desired effect. Ezvid also comes with a large library of royalty free music to place in your videos. No longer must you worry about having your YouTube video being taken down due to copyright infringement. Ezvid’s music list has a wide variety of songs to give your video a unique mood and feel. Ezvid is one of the only social movie makers available. When you are done creating your awesome video in Ezvid, you can then upload it to YouTube with a simple click of a button. Ezvid will quickly render your video and upload it to YouTube in HD on your behalf, then provide you with a link to your video, where you can then share it with your friends and family. So, why bother with video editors that don’t support your own camera’s videos and photos, won’t upload your videos to YouTube, and won’t spare you the headache caused by needless complications? Ezvid is the best movie maker for Windows. It’s fast, fun, easy to use, and free. Visit ..ezvid../ to download Ezvid for free today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: