News-and-Society Parents of teenage kids, can we talk? Is what stunt your newly independent kid is going to pull next the stuff your nightmares are made of? Forget nightmares, one has to be able to even get to sleep to have them! Who can sleep when its late and that offspring of ours, looking all grown up but still incapable of adult critical thinking, is still not home? Tossing and turning, we ruminate on the endless possibilities of how they can get in trouble. Suspicions plague us: That new kid she left with didnt seem trustworthy. What did he say his name was? Where did he come from? Who is his family? Is he a good driver? He looked stoned! Why didnt I have that drug talk with her before she left?! So, what is a parent to do? As fiercely protective as our teenagers are of their privacy, it is our responsibility to be even more protective of them and their safety. As parents, we must be in the know at all times, monitor their activity and social connections, making sure nobody out there is taking advantage of their naivete, endangering them. They are meeting all kinds of people on MySpace, Craigslist, etc., many of whom are guaranteed not to be who they claim to be. Statistics show that one in six teenagers is sexually solicited online by adults posing as kids. Too many are drugged, kidnapped, hurt, killed We cant just stand by and let our kids become another statistic! Relax, you now have an accomplice in Reverse Phone Lookup Dont know the full names of their friends? Thats ok; the phone numbers of the people whove been calling your kids are right there on their cell phone caller IDs. Thats all the information you need to have these friends checked out on, using Reverse Phone Lookup. Through this service, You can find out where they live and where theyve lived before; you can find out their age and marital status (thats right, if this person has been (or is) married, its not very likely he/she is a teenager, is it?); the names of parents and other relatives available through this report are also very important get to know the families of your kids friends. You can also search for other important information, such as criminal records (were they ever arrested? for what? drug trafficking, gang-related activity, DUI, etc.?). Here are some additional helpful links for your searches: Run a Background Report Get an Email Address Dont worry, this, too, shall pass, and most likely most of the teens our kids befriend will turn out to be just that: normal kids just like ours, more or less. Yet, arent you glad you got them checked out? The peace of mind youve found on is invaluable, and needless to say, so is our kids safety. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: