Hardware During 2008 there have been several major technological developments in the point of sale and security tech arena with lines quickly blurring between security and IT. Businesses across many industries involved in the warehousing, distribution and retailing of goods stand to benefit in terms of loss protection, inventory tracking and intelligence solutions. Tagging systems Across the entire Asia Pacific region retailers report not surprisingly – that bottles of wine and spirits are the most heavily stolen. Retailers are fighting back in this constant battle against theft thanks to leading security technology .panies which have designing tagging devices with three key requirements in the spec ease of use, high security and minimal impact to product presentation. Products such as the Sensormatic Ultra Tag MT incorporates (AM) acousto-magnetic detection technology which is 1.5 times more effective than RFID technology. Advances in CCTV The use of CCTV to detect crime and enhance public safety is increasingly recognised as an effective way to provide surveillance for all types of business premises. Advances in the harnessing of CCTV technology have .e about with intelligent digital video management systems that can digitally record multiple camera feeds onto one internal hard drive thereby eliminating the need for conventional VCRs and their associated maintenance. Moreover, the more advanced CCTV systems such as Intellex also allow for simultaneous recording, playback, archiving plus the search capability to find pre-defined security-alert events. Smaller Footprints Electronic article surveillance is a technological method used by retail stores for preventing shoplifting. Tags are attached to inventory and are removed or deactivated at the checkout stage. Advances in the tagging technology have reduced the size of the tagging footprint. Also, across a range of industries, businesses are increasingly demanding security solutions that .plement store layout and design using smaller, slimline pedestals at checkout points. In 2008 going forward, Franklins stores throughout New South Wales have been rolling out POS pedestals that feature advanced acousto-magnetic technology with a footprint five to six times smaller than that of traditional EAS systems leaving more room for customers, shopping trolleys, staff and merchandise displays. A side benefit is that cashiers now have an unobstructed view of would-be shoplifters. Integrated Point of Sale Devices Retailers with high volumes of customers going through the check-out area of the store have been benefiting from reduced customer time spent at the check-out and maximising on space thanks to the integration of security tag/label deactivation of their POS scanning system. For instance, one such product is the Sensormatic Ultra Max AMD 5278 deactivator which is an integrated scanner/scale/deactivation solution that is built to enhance checkout productivity in high volume retail environments, whilst decreasing loss of goods through theft. Real Time Intelligence More and more, .plex business operations need storewide intelligence harnessing real-time data to eliminate the traditional paper trails and converge everything into one, simple interface for reporting. This is achieved by developments in EAS that captures and transmits data over the stores own IT .work in real-time to be analysed and delivered in one simple, user interface with options available to send alerts to mobile phones or PDAs. Software packages can now offer gather information from all of the key data producing systems within the store including point of sale, electronic article surveillance, traffic counters, vendor direct store delivery activity and in store inventory transaction data. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: