Womens-Issues When you think back to the 1980s they are many things that .e to mind. There is something that is highlighted in our minds when we think back on the 1980s, and that is the 80s fashion. It is very easy to recognize the fashion of the 1980s. This cannot be necessarily said of the fashion from the previous decades, because they share .mon elements that make them hard to distinguish from each other. It is safe to say that the 1980s fashion is in a .pletely distinct class of its own. Even though one can still find boys that are wearing tube socks today, during the 1980s tube socks were the in thing to wear for girls and they wore it with almost any kind of outfit. However, just plain old tube socks were not enough during the 1980s. They had to be a ruffled to make the girls look really in step with fashion. Movies played a huge part in influencing the 1980s fashion. Do you remember the movie Flashdance? That movie defined the new 1980s fashion look for young girls. Suddenly everyone had to wear large sweaters that exposed one shoulder with the gym bra strap exposed over the shoulder. The girls also wore their hair in ponytails that sat on one side of the head. Stonewashed jeans were the very big fashion item in the nineteen eighties. They had to be so skintight that you always wondered how people got into them in the first place. These jeans that were worn by men were ac.panied by very colorful and decorative shirts or T-shirts. Leg warmers were also very popular during the nineteen eighties. Once again, very well-known celebrities influenced the fashion choices of teenage girls through a music video that they made. Girls were wearing leg warmers with shorts, skirts, and many other types of pants. As far as jewelry goes, one of the very popular items was the bracelet. And of course these could not be just any bracelets; they had to be flashy bangle bracelets. The more of these flashy bangles a girl could fit on her arm, the more hip she was. The 1980s were truly a very colorful time. Remember the popular male fashion accessory, those very brightly colored shoelaces? Do you think anybody would dare wear them today without looking like a .plete fool? Hats decorated with flowers or other types of prints were also very popular during that time. That is one of the 1980s fashion trends that continued into the 90s. Probably the one distinctive concept that would define 1980s fashion would be uniqueness. About the Author: By: Ankita Garg – Today more than one out of six couple face problems in getting pregnant. The lifestyle of the people has changed, which is one of the reasons for infertility. By: Anthony Dee – Pregnancy can be a joyous occasion for parents. Women especially will be in a beautiful state of euphoria as they connect with their child over the course of 9 months. In the joy that .es through, there are also real life body issues t … By: Anthony Dee – Human beings have a lot of different elements to the anatomy. Amidst the things that one has to deal with .es secretion. Secretions are .mon, but most people deal with them on a regular basis without warranting any conversation. By: Anthony Dee – Men and women both have elements that are somewhat gross, or unwanted. For women, the issue of white vaginal discharge is often times a taboo. People dont discuss this, and many are embarrassed to even mention that they may have this … By: Ankita Garg – Surrogacy is a ground breaking technique which helps a woman without a healthy and functional uterus to have a baby, and even gay couples too. This technique uses a surrogate mother to carry the child in her womb. The biggest benefit of … By: Steven Blake – Can you hold yourself when the Doctor cuts open your internal organs? Painful isn’t it? With the medical advancement we are leading a much more eased life where incurable diseases are treated with minor operations supported by well-devel … By: ved kumar – Life is difficult for gays in India (and across countries) – thankfully therere some laws that protect the interests of the gay .munity. And I hope sooner or later, the society will .e to terms with the gay .munity and their rel … By: Anika Bari – Hypothyroidism and Endometriosis are the symptoms of infertility problem. Endometriosis is very painful problem and hypothyroidism is the thyroid problem in which thyroid gland is not working properly. By: Akshat Pradhan – The worst has passed over. Youre at peace now. And now all youre confused with is whether to go with surrogacy or adoption. Both ways will fulfill your life as a parent. And in a way, both options are great. By: ved kumar – You know youll be a great parent. For years, you tried hard for a baby. But fortune just refused to smile upon you. 相关的主题文章: