Fitness-Equipment The summer season brings warm weather and time to tone up for days of wearing bathing suits, sleeveless tops and a lot less clothing in general. We’ve been waiting for this weather all year and now that it’s here, it’s time to get outside and get active. While getting out into the warm sun is a great idea, here are a few simple tips to follow that will ensure a safe, happy summer of workouts and activities. Be.e an Early Bird – Get outside and get into the outdoors! It’s a good idea to head out early in the hot weather. Take advantage of the cooler early mornings for intense workouts like running, sports conditioning and boot camp. Mornings will provide that perfect mixture of fresh air and moderate temperatures that are perfect for fitness. Take Advantage of Your Surroundings – Choose outdoor areas that are inspiring to you. Part of the benefit to working out in the elements is that you can utilize some beautiful settings as your own personal outdoor gym. Look for parks to get your strength workout in, the beach for morning yoga or even a poolside deck for a great core workout. Be a Water Baby – Water can provide the perfect cooler, non impact option for summer time shape ups! Outdoor pools, lakes and oceans are all wonderful options and can provide a nice summer glow while you’re at it. Water aerobics, swimming laps and water walking are all great ways to tone up. Water activities can burn a ton of calories and use almost every muscle in classes like water aerobics and swimming. Get into the water but don’t leave out the sunscreen! Drink Up – When it’s hot outside, you’ll be sweating more. Make sure to up your intake of water and electrolytes. When you workout or know you’ll be outside for an extended period of time, have your water bottle with you. An electrolyte drink or supplement is also a good idea to ingest daily. We lose water via sweating, breathing, urinating and more. More water is lost during hot weather, even if you aren’t sweating. It’s important to rehydrate and also replace lost electrolytes. Multi Task – Summer time is the perfect part of the year to multi task when it .es to workouts and fun. Turn your outdoor activities such as putt putt, bocce ball and badminton into workouts. Add in some jumping jacks, push ups or squat thrust to ramp up the intensity. You’ll be moving anyway with fun games so why not use your time wisely and burn calories at the same time? White Out – Wear white or light, breathable clothing when venturing out into the hot summer sun. Lighter colored clothing won’t attract the sun as much as darker colors. Light weight clothing will allow your body to breathe and also allow for the heat to escape enabling your body to cool itself more efficiently. Look for Shade – Whether you’re hitting your workouts in the morning or the afternoon, it’s a good idea to look for a shady spot. Shaded spaces provide workout areas that are a few degrees cooler than in the direct sun. Look for a large tree, shade from a building or even an overhang to .plete your outdoor workout. Working out in the summer can be both inspiring and challenging. If you’re feeling headaches, nausea, chills or dizziness, stop immediately and look for shade and hydration. Consult a doctor if symptoms persist. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: