Loans Lawsuit loans, ormore accuratelylawsuit advances, are a type of financing available to businesses, attorneys and individuals that are plaintiffs in lawsuits. This type of financing can be invaluable when awaiting the out.e of a lawsuit and the ultimate settlement of the dispute. Lawsuit loans allow plaintiffs to pay living expenses, and they offer businesses and attorneys the working capital they need to fund their operations while they await the out.e of their cases. For individual plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits, for attorneys trying several cases, and for businesses pursuing a legal remedy, lawsuit loans can mean the difference between financial distress and survival! In fact, lawsuit loans are not really loans because they are non-recourse. They only have to be repaid when the plaintiff wins the case, and from the proceeds of the settlement. If the plaintiff loses, that person or business owes nothing! Lawsuit advances do not affect the out.e of a case. Although LawMax invests in a case, ormore accuratelythe out.e of a case when granting lawsuit advances, LawMax does not get involved in the case in any way. LawMax trusts the judgement of the attorney in all aspects of the case and will back the attorney 100% regarding whatever decisions the attorney makes about the prosecution of the lawsuit. LawMax is never a backseat driver or Monday morning quarterback. This means that LawMax will never suggest what should be done in a case, will never attempt to take part in any way in the legal representation of the client, and will never criticize a decision made by the attorney. If an attorney decides to pursue an out-of-court settlement, LawMax will back that decision. If an attorney determines that a case simply cannot be won and decides to drop a case, LawMax will support that decision. If an attorney decides to aggressively pursue a case and take it to trial without the safety net of an out-of-court settlement, LawMax will also support that option, even though it means the out.e will be further delayed. LawMax is fully .mitted to not affecting the out.e of any of the cases for which it provides lawsuit funding . When a client requests lawsuit loans , LawMax makes every effort possible to not interrupt an attorney’s practice any more than absolutely necessary. LawMax does need all the paperwork regarding a case, including the original .plaints, all filings and documentation such as medical records or police records before a case can be evaluated for funding. To make it easier for the attorney, LawMax has several options for delivery of these documents. Attorneys can mail photocopies of the documentation, they can fax the documents to LawMax, or they can e-mail digitized copies of the documentation. This allows the attorney to select the most convenient and least disruptive way of providing the necessary paperwork. If the attorney provides photocopies or faxed documents, LawMax digitizes them and the originals are shredded. To maintain additional client confidentiality, all digitized documentation is kept on secure servers. Because LawMax respects the client-attorney relationship, when litigation loan are granted, the claim investment agreement is sent directly to the client’s attorney. LawMax expects the client to have his or her attorney to review the agreement before signing it. LawMax also wants to ensure that the attorney is kept abreast of every aspect of the lawsuit loans his or her clients are receiving. The claim investment agreement must be signed by the plaintiff and acknowledged by the attorney. Attorneys can fax this agreement to LawMax to further speed up the process, and a check can be mailed out or the funds can be wire transferred to the client’s bank account. Throughout the prosecution of the lawsuit, LawMax remains a passive investor, offering lawsuit advances to clients without interfering with the cases that were funded or with the attorney-client relationships those cases created. In fact, LawMax often improves the attorney-client relationship. By providing cash to the client at a time of financial difficulty, LawMax can help take considerable financial pressure off the client and, in turn, the attorney. With cash in hand, the client is less likely to call the attorney frequently for updates, less likely to accept an unreasonably low offer from the defendant, and is less likely to feel considerable tension about the case. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: