Mobil-.puting With this article, we are going to be carring out a extensive evaluation of the new iPad which is now available. I will investigate at the key apps of this item and will go into more detail in specific areas to allow you make up your mind if it is the ideal item for you to get or not. The Apple iPad Home Screen The Home screen on the iPad gives you one-tap access to everything. You can use your own pictures and photos to personalise your background and add your most used applications. These applications and easily be moved where you want. ipad .es with a screen reader, support for playback of closed-captioned content, along with other impressive universal access features. You have no further software to buy or install. These features make iPad easier to use for people who have a vision impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have a physical or learning disability. Searching The Web The big Multi-Touch screen on apple ipad lets you see website pages as they were made to be view – in all there vibrant glory. With vibrant color and sharp text fonts. So, whether youre looking at a web page in portrait or landscape, you can view everything at a dimensions thats actually understandable. And with ipad, navigating the world wide web has never been simplier and easier or more user-friendly. Because you use the most natural pointing device there is: your finger, you just need to flick your finger up and down and you will smoothly scroll around the page. Theres also a thumbnail view that shows all your open pages in grid format, to let you quickly move from one page to the next. Opening Your Mail You just need to turn your iPad to potraite and the mail will roate and fill up the screen. No matter which orientation you use, you can scroll through your email, .pose a new email aided by the large, onscreen keyboard, or delete messages with nothing more than a tap plus a flick of your finger tip. If someone emails you a photo, you will be able to view it in the actual message. You can even save the photos in an email straight away to the built-in Photos app. And ipad works with the most widely used email providers, which includes MobileMe, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL. Sharp Photos & Photos With its crisp, vibrant display and unique software features, iPad is an extraordinary way to enjoy and share your photos. By way of example, the Photos app displays the photos within an album as though they were all stacked up. If you want to open them up, all you have to do is tap the stack and they do. After that, you are able to run through your photos, zoom in or out, or watch a slideshow. You can even use your ipad as a beautiful digital picture frame while it is docked or charging. And there are lots of ways to import photos: It is possible to sync all of them from your .puter, download them from an email, or import them directly from your camera using the optional Camera Connection Kit which is available to purchase. Enjoy Your Movies The large, high-resolution screen makes ipad great for enjoying any type of video like Hi-def movies and Television shows to podcasts and music video clips. Switch between widescreen and full screen with a double-tap. Since ipad is actually one giant screen, with no distracting keypad or control keys, you feel totally submerged in whatever you could be watching. You can also make use of the YouTube app which will arrange videos so theyre easy to discover and navigate and sit back and watch your entire favourite YouTube clips in HD picture quality. iPod Application With the ipod application you will not miss any of your favourite music. Browse by album, song, artist, or genre. To listen to a song, just tap it. apple ipad even displays album art in its original size. Listen to your music with the powerful built-in speaker or with wired or Bluetooth wireless earphones. The Apple iPad also works with iTunes. You can pick from 1000s of films and Television shows (in both standard and high definition), together with 1000s of podcasts and millions of songs. Lots of Apps With the iPad, you will have access to more than 140,000 applications. These range from work based apps to social apps that are just for a bit of fun. Read Your Favourite Books The iBooks app is a great new way to read and buy books. Download the free app from the App Store and buy everything from classics to best sellers from the built-in iBookstore. Once youve bought a book, its displayed on your Bookshelf. Just tap it to start reading. Discover Maps, Notes, Calender, Contacts Apps Utilizing Spotlight Search Finding your way is a totally new experience on ipad. Use Google maps and tap on the screen to a HD view of the street you are on or want to go to. Find a local pub or shop in your area. iPad makes it easy to stay on schedule by displaying day, week, month, or list views of your calendar. You can view an overview of a entire month or the details of a specific day you are interested in. You can set up seperate work and social calenders and interact between the two – great for keeping work and play seperare, whilst ensuring events do not class. The Contacts app on iPad makes finding names, numbers, and other important information quicker and easier than ever before. These can be viewed as .plete contact list and single contact list at the same time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: