Business For manufacturing managers when building a workforce schedule, there are many unique elements to consider. One of the key objectives is to ensure that the right resources are assigned to the right job in the right areas in order to ensure that the .pany meets productivity requirements. However, this type of optimized scheduling requires tools that mange information relating to employee training status, skills, vacation days, .pany production requirements and much more. Now, one organization has developed a work schedule program that satisfies this core management requirement with real-time data that’s available at the touch-of-a-button. Tugboat Software has be.e one of the leading providers of work schedule program solutions in North America. Their development work has helped .panies to build labor scheduling systems that are optimized to meet the requirements of both the specific facility and the staff at the facility, aligning the objectives of both the individual worker and .pany management. Tugboat’s SOS platform is one of the most innovative solutions of its kind available to the industry, and that’s why .panies are now integrating the product within their current processing infrastructure. The platform includes .ponents that enable management to meet objectives of the business such as reducing labor costs, reducing the work load of HR, operations and front-line managers. Also, it provides a sense of working autonomy to employees improving in-house worker satisfaction. The core application for Tugboat Software’s SOS platform is ideal for .panies that have dynamic labor schedules where production demand fluctuates within a short period of time. This increases the pressure on management to continually update work schedules ensuring the .pany’s workforce is in line to meet their productivity objectives. The .pany’s work schedule program solution provides management an overview in real-time of key metrics such as training history, including when the employee was trained and by whom, so front-line managers can make a rapid decision in terms of the placement of that employee when the workforce has to be realigned. Organizations in the manufacturing sector depend upon skilled workers to ensure that production runs smoothly. That’s why they require tools that help them retain their trained workers. Tugboat Software’s SOS platform is ideal in that it provides employees with a self-service portal that enables them to handle their own requests for overtime, shift preferences, days off and more. This portal is designed to ensure fairness across the entire workforce. Tugboat’s vacation scheduling module also automatically calculates vacation entitlements based on facility or departmental policies enables activities such as ranking and cancelling vacation requests ensuring the best out.e for the organization as a whole. Managing a workforce schedule is one of the most .plex, time-consuming and demanding .ponents of any manager’s job. By integrating Tugboat Software’s SOS platform within an organization, .panies can ensure that their HR and front-line management has more time to direct their focus away from administration tasks and towards meeting objectives such as product quality and training. Contact the team at Tugboat Software today to learn more about the innovative functionality of their new software suite. About Tugboat Software: Tugboat Software specializes in workforce management with a focus on labor scheduling. Tugboat’s Schedule Optimizing Software is designed to automate your labor schedules while putting the right person in the right job at the right time. For more information, please visit Labor-Scheduling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: