Internet-and-Business-Online I can’t think of one single thing that has become more prevalent in internet marketing than the use of video and audio as a tool to increase conversions and stick rate. What is "Flair"? Simply put… it’s that added touch of professionalism to your media that separates your websites and products apart from the amateurish competition. We’ve learned that you don’t need to have a "Guru" budget to achieve professional media flair. As a matter of fact, it’s typically the simple things that most people miss which have a devastating effect in the quality of video and audio production. We are going to sum it up with a walk through of the resources that you can use to make your flair come together. I’ve seen so many people in forums and blogs make excuses about the poor quality of their recordings. Some of them are justified but ALL of them are easily solvable with some effort and creativity. Do any of these apply to you? 1- "I don’t have a Mac so all my videos suck" 2- "I don’t own any fancy video production or capturing software" 3- "I can’t sound good cause my computer microphone is crap!" 4- "Good camera’s are just way too expensive" 5- "The "Guru’s" have recording studios and I don’t" 6- "I have a terrible accent so people don’t understand me." 7- "I have a face for radio so my videos look terrible!" About the Author: Omar Martin is an internet marketing and sales expert. Omar & his partner J.I. Starr help internet marketers succeed online by adding multi-media to their websites. You can get 22 FREE audio flairs by going to ..voxflair.. Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: