Affiliate-Revenue It’s always easy to make money from home for those who have the basic knowledge of home business success strategies. So if you are struggling to make money from home there are two things you can do to quit your struggle and greatly increase your earning potentials. If you do them everyday your work at home earnings will skyrocket beyond your wildest dreams. Determine business schedules: Nothing is as important as determining your business schedules as it will help you distinguish between business hours and family hours. If you stick to your business schedules you will handle your business more seriously and those around you will follow suit. Over indulgence on online activities like playing games, hanging out on social networking sites, and sending e-mails will prevent you from fully utilizing your business hours to full capacity. Calling it a day is very important when you’re done with your business hours. You’ll earn your family respect which you required to carry out your work for they’re convinced that your undivided attention is what they’ll receive as soon as you’re done with the day’s business which will make you take your business hours more seriously. Create a work program: There are many reasons for doing this. The two most important reasons are 1). It gives you guidance on your work at home job and 2) it forces you to treat your work at home business like a real business. The more sincerely you take your business the more prepared you’ll be to actually task the program you created. If you create a .prehensive work program (and positively adhere to it) and associate that with your work hours you’ll see your work at home job grow dramatically without your family, friends, and acquaintances feeling neglected as a consequence of your efforts to making money from home. About the Author: What Is Affiliate Marketing? By: E.B. 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