Home-and-Family So you’ve decided to build a shed yourself rather than purchasing one of the high-priced pre built ones in the hardware stores? Great idea! You’ll save a huge amount of money and just imagine how you’ll appreciate having more room to put things in You’ll probably have guessed that there’s a number of things you’re going to have to think about before you even lift a hammer. Here are my top 5 aspects for successful shed construction: Location of your shed 1. There are a number of considerations here like location of a utility line, the direction of sunlight, the angling of the roof and what sort of shed will suit the location you have chosen. What sort of weather do you get? If it gets really scorching you’re going to have to get vents in the roof as heat can damage what’s inside. Cold, snowy weather needs a sturdier shed with a roof that slopes. How many doors and windows would you like? Foundation 2. You will have to have a foundation so that your shed lasts for more than a season or two. A rock-based foundation with concrete poured over it will last forever but your shed can sit on levelled blocks or a gravel base too. The ground where the shed is going to be built must be horizontal before putting the foundations down. Shed of your shed 3. What do you need your shed for? Do you want to store your leaf blower, edger and lawnmower inside? Make sure that you construct a larger shed than you you think you will need at present because if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably end up putting more than you thought in it. Measure the area precisely. Ask permission 4.Check with your local building department to make certain that you have permission to construct on your property. You may need a building permit if you have permanent foundations or your shed is over a certain square footage. Often neighbourhoods have a set of rules and regulations that you have to follow and there may be certain restrictions on your shed design, color or placement. Be sure that you obey these rules, annoying as though they may be. 5. Pick up a Good Set of Shed Construction Plans The web offers an incredible selection of shed construction plans you can download at a reasonable price. Getting a plan designed by a professional who has designed a structure that is both sound and functional and is engineered to meet local building codes will save you so much time and money when all is said and done. You’ll get a an idea of exactly what materials you will need for the job that you can take along to suppliers to get the best price and buy everything you need there and then. Together with step by step instructions and .prehensible illustrations, you also get a chart on how to cut your wood and what size each and every piece should be . Ever heard the phrase "measure twice, cut once"? How good will you feel when all the measuring ‘s been done for you?! No worries there! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: