Exposure to Real Madrid superstar a dislocated shoulder take 3 weeks PK causeless Atletico + Champions League battle – Sohu   sports; against Granada game, Real Madrid win is very difficult, but after the game is not a good news, the match Marcello’s shoulder injury. After the game diagnosis, Brazil defender shoulder dislocation, after leaving Bernabeu, has been bandaged way to fix, in order to reply as soon as possible. Even if Marcello’s shoulder injuries were treated very quickly, "the Aspen" pointed out: Real Madrid vice team will still be sidelined for 3 weeks. And this is Real Madrid this season second players suffered shoulder injuries, Ramos in the first half of the right shoulder injury, and missed a number of key games. Marcello missed 3 weeks, which is real in the remaining games in February, exposing the small gate. In the future, in the face of the Bilbao Athletic League home court game against Malaga and home court against Ma Jing in the game, Real Madrid have to face the situation without Marcello, and the 18 UEFA Champions League final first leg away to Rome, Marcello will definitely miss. Home court against Basque lions is the first test after taking office for Zidane, but this season was the 0-0 draw in Malaga home court is also quite difficult. The end of the month directly against title rivals Atletico Madrid, without Marcello, for Zidane is quite bad. On the season league second leg against Real Madrid 0-4 defeat, then the Paibingbuzhen Ancelotti because of injury problems, Marcello also missed the game because of injury. While the Champions League away game against Rome, Zidane said it is difficult to know in his grasp, now the Real Madrid in the home court and road performance, is totally two teams. If the next three weeks, Real Madrid any accident, may also rest in the League for more than 2 months without advance left behind, while the Champions League second leg match may also cast a shadow. Marcello’s absence caused so much chain reaction which is completely in the transfer, Real Madrid last summer when the operation mistakes, when Fabio Coentrao was sent to Monaco, Real Madrid team only one card left back, now Marcello injured, Zidane once again let Danilo appear in the poor or left, or not sent assists Nacho. (Bell Moder) 曝皇马天王肩膀脱臼休3周 无缘PK马竞+欧冠恶战-搜狐体育     对阵格拉纳达的比赛,皇马赢得十分艰难,而且赛后还受到了一个不好的消息,比赛中马塞洛的肩膀受伤。赛后经过诊断,巴西后卫肩膀脱臼,在离开伯纳乌之后,已经采取包扎的方式来固定,以便尽快回复。即使马塞洛的肩伤救治十分迅速,但《阿斯报》指出:皇马队副依然会缺阵3周。   而这也是皇马本赛季第二次有球员遭遇肩伤,拉莫斯在赛季前半程右肩受伤,并且缺席了多场关键比赛。而马塞洛缺阵3周,则使得皇马在2月的剩余比赛中,暴露出了不小的命门。在未来联赛主场面对毕尔巴鄂竞技、客场对阵马拉加以及主场对阵马竞的比赛中,皇马都必须面对没有马塞洛的局面,而欧冠1 8决赛首回合客场挑战罗马,马塞洛也铁定缺席。   主场迎战巴斯克雄狮对于齐达内来说是上任后的首次考验,而本赛季主场被0-0逼平的马拉加也颇为难缠。月底对阵争冠直接对手马德里竞技,没有马塞洛,对于齐达内来说相当糟糕。上赛季联赛次回合交手,皇马0-4惨败,当时安切洛蒂的排兵布阵因为伤病捉襟见肘,马塞洛也因伤缺席了那场比赛。而欧冠对阵罗马的客场比赛,齐祖也难称有必胜把握,要知道如今的皇马在主场和客场的表现,完全就是两支球队。   如果未来三周,皇马出现任何闪失,可能在联赛还剩余2个多月的情况下就提前掉队,而欧冠次回合比赛也可能蒙上一层阴影。马塞洛缺阵造成如此大的连锁反应,这完全是皇马在去年夏天转会操作时的失误,当科恩特朗被送到摩纳哥之后,皇马队内只有一位正牌左后卫,如今马塞洛受伤,齐达内要么再次让达尼洛出现在蹩脚的左路,要么派上不会助攻的纳乔。   (贝尔摩德)相关的主题文章: