Putin turns to Syria ceasefire leaders call – Sohu News Photograph: China vision in order to promote a ceasefire agreement in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday (February 24th) with special skills, spent three hours turns to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Israel and other leaders call details to explain their agreement, to in order to obtain more support. In addition, he has set up a coordination center where all parties involved in the war can send their opinions and grievances to the specific provisions of the ceasefire agreement. Russia says some of the armed groups in Syria have signed the ceasefire agreement. For fear of the Syria army and eliminate the nusra front (Al-Nusra Front) under the guise of attacking them, some opposition groups have not yet made it clear that support. Syria government forces were supported by the Russian air force. On Monday, the United States and Russia agreed on a cease-fire agreement in Syria on Saturday, and plans to start on. The agreement has been supported by the Assad administration in Syria. As the diplomatic negotiations moved forward, military attacks on the northern part of the country continued by the government forces in Syria. Russia has launched air strikes against Syria opposition since last autumn, which has led to dissatisfaction with the U.S. government, because the relatively moderate ideological opposition has become the target of air strikes in russia. The "Wall Street journal" quoted Russian officials as saying that the ceasefire agreement does not apply to the two terrorist organizations in the United Nations: Islamic state (ISIS) and Al Qaeda belonging to the nusra front. However, the Russian and Assad regimes have characterized all opposition groups as terrorist organizations, which makes the ceasefire agreement really possible. Syria’s official news agency SANA said Assad told Putin that the government was ready to implement the ceasefire agreement, but the two sides also stressed the importance of continuing to strike against all terrorist organizations. The Russian military says that in the past few days, they have reduced the number of air strikes in areas where the opposition groups are willing to negotiate with the ceasefire agreement. The opposition in Beijiao, the city of Holmes, confirmed on Wednesday that at least they were in this area. However, the British worry that Russia is just hoping to get more time to strengthen the forces of the Syria government. This may also mean that Putin has realized that Syria’s civil war can not be ended by military means, and that the Syria government army has succeeded in recovering the lost territory recently, which greatly strengthens Assad’s bargaining chip.   普京为叙停火协议轮番给各国领导人打电话-搜狐新闻 图片来源:视觉中国   为了推动叙利亚停火协议,俄罗斯总统普京周三(2月24日)使出看家本领,花了三个小时轮番给伊朗、沙特、以色列和叙利亚等国领导人打电话,向他们解释协议的具体细节,以期获得更多支持。   另外他还成立了一个协调中心,参战各方可将对停火协议具体条款的意见和不满发送至该中心。俄罗斯方面称,叙利亚一些武装团体已经在停火协议上签字。   由于担心叙利亚政府军打着肃清努斯拉阵线(Al-Nusra Front)的幌子攻击他们,部分反对派团体尚未明确表示支持。叙利亚政府军受到俄罗斯空军的支持。   据界面新闻此前报道,本周一,美国和俄罗斯就一项叙利亚停火协议达成一致,并计划从周六起开始执行。该协议已得到叙利亚阿萨德政府的支持。   在外交谈判推进的同时,叙利亚政府军对该国北部的军事袭击仍在继续。俄罗斯自去年秋天开始对叙利亚反对派实施空袭,此举引发美国政府不满,因为意识形态相对温和的反对派也成了俄空袭的目标。   《华尔街日报》援引美俄官员的话称,停火协议不适用于联合国认定的两个恐怖组织:“伊斯兰国”(ISIS)以及隶属于基地组织的努斯拉阵线。但俄罗斯和阿萨德政权将所有反对派团体都定性为恐怖组织,这也使得停火协议能否真正落实存疑。   叙利亚官方新闻机构SANA称,阿萨德向普京表示,该国政府已准备好执行停火协议,但双方也强调了继续对所有恐怖组织实施打击的重要性。   俄罗斯军方称,过去几天内,对那些愿意就停火协议进行磋商的反对派组织所在的地区,他们已经减少了空袭次数。霍姆斯市北郊的反对派周三证实,至少他们所在的区域是这样。   不过英国方面担心,俄罗斯不过是希望借此多争取点时间来增强叙利亚政府军的势力。   此举或许还意味着,普京已经意识到无法通过军事手段结束叙利亚内战,并认为叙利亚政府军近期在收复失地方面取得的成功,大大加强了阿萨德的谈判筹码。  相关的主题文章: