Yuho discovered: Ghost car orders quickly after the end of the trip the driver head terror is now much better step "ghost train": orders quickly after the end of the trip, the driver head terrorist surging news reporter Xu Yanqian in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the country appeared yuho "ghost car". The vehicle driver’s head photos are ghastly, not contact passengers after picking up, not to pick up, pick up quickly began to travel, less than a minute to end the journey. In September 18th, yuho relevant responsible person told the surging news (reporter), "ghost train" by scalping driver caused by "passengers who encounter similar problems, can be directly with the customer feedback, for the resulting fare, customer service and technical departments will operate in a full refund as soon as possible after verification." An online car platform manager believes that the emergence of "ghost car" once again explained that the network about car platform audit identity exist in name only, the relevant regulatory details to be released. Recently, a number of users drying out yuho client stroke shots, encountered a "ghost train" said: excellent step after the driver orders, not to contact passengers, not to pick up passengers, and not to the car before the passengers, quickly began to travel, not a minute to complete the trip, then direct debit the fare of 10 yuan in general. Even more creepy, the driver of these "ghost cars", almost all head portraits, photos distorted, pale, black lips, the driver’s phone is also impossible to get through, many passengers have been frightened by the photos of these heads. Surging news reporters in Shanghai repeatedly try to experience, have not called "ghost car", but more than friends reflect Shanghai has appeared similar excellent step "ghost car"". "The above case is caused by the driver’s brushing behavior." In September 18th, the relevant person in charge responded to the "ghost car" incident. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the platform and ensure the interests of the passengers and drivers, he will continue to use technology to crack down on this kind of behavior, and actively collect all kinds of evidence, transmit it to the public security department, and put the lawless elements on the law. At the same time, to remind the relevant driver, Beijing and Shanghai were the court verdict on the net about car scalping case involved due to fraud, the highest jailed for a year. If passengers encounter similar problems, you can directly with the customer feedback, for the resulting fare, customer service and technical departments will be fully refund after verification as soon as possible." The person in charge mentioned above. No call and step, passengers encounter similar incidents, by mail complaints, also can be in the self-service operation client: open the client to find you the trip problem, click the "need help", select "feedback" associated with the owners, click "my reservation on vehicle ride, but failed to" submit your the problem, excellent step verification will refund to passengers. "First of all, even online registration, platform audit is not strict, there are false drivers and false license plate, the actual operation of passengers should be immediately complaints, excellent step online complaints function. Excellent step after receipt of complaints should be closed accounts. From the screenshot point of view, basically 1 star driver, indicating that just registered, did not receive any list, if it is for a few dollars, it seems not worth it." theory

优步惊现幽灵车:接单后迅速结束行程 司机头像恐怖   多地现优步“幽灵车”:接单后迅速结束行程,司机头像恐怖   澎湃新闻记者 徐燕倩   中秋小长假里,全国多地出现优步“幽灵车”。这些车辆司机头像照片阴森恐怖,接单后不联系乘客,不来接应,接单迅速开始行程,不到一分钟结束行程。   9月18日,优步相关负责人告诉澎湃新闻()记者,“幽灵车”由司机刷单所致,“乘客若碰到类似问题,可直接跟客服反馈,对于因此而产生的车费,客服与技术部门在尽快核实后将操作全额退款。”一名网络约车平台管理人员认为,“幽灵车”的出现再一次说明网约车平台审核身份形同虚设,相关监管细则有待发布。   近日,多名网友晒出了优步客户端的行程截图,表示遇到了“幽灵车”:优步司机接单后,不联系乘客、不来接乘客,且车还没有到乘客面前,就迅速开始行程,并不到一分钟就完成了行程,然后直接扣款,车费一般在10元左右。更令人毛骨悚然的是,点开这些“幽灵车”司机的头像,几乎都是头像照片扭曲变形、面色苍白、嘴唇发黑,司机的电话也是永远打不通,不少乘客都表示被这些头像照片吓到。   澎湃新闻记者在上海多次尝试体验,都没有叫到“幽灵车”,但多名网友反映上海已经出现了类似的优步“幽灵车”。   “上述案例是由司机刷单行为所导致。”9月18日,优步相关负责人对“幽灵车”事件给出回复。   优步称,将持续通过技术打击该类行为,同时积极收集各类证据,转交公安部门,将不法分子绳之于法,以确保平台的公平、公正,充分保障乘客和司机的利益。同时,提醒相关司机,北京、上海两地法院分别就网约车刷单案进行宣判,涉事人员因诈骗罪最高获刑一年。   “乘客若碰到类似问题,可直接跟客服反馈,对于因此而产生的车费,客服与技术部门在尽快核实后将操作全额退款。”上述负责人表示。   优步没有客服电话,乘客遇到类似事件,可以通过邮件投诉,也可以在客户端自助操作:打开客户端找到你出现问题的那一趟行程,点击“需要帮助”,选择“与车主相关的反馈”,点击“我预约了车辆但未能坐上车”,提交你的问题,优步核实后会退款给乘客。   “首先,就算是线上注册,平台审核不严出现了假司机和假车牌的情况,实际运营中乘客应该马上进行投诉,优步有在线投诉功能。优步接到投诉后应该会查封账号。从截图来看,基本上都是1星的司机,说明刚注册,还没接什么单子,如果就为了几块钱,好像也不值得。”一名网络约车平台管理人员认为,这些“幽灵车”司机主要用于接刷单客自己发出的单子,直接套取平台的奖励和优惠券,“如果被真实乘客发现以前能刷几单子,那收益也不少了。无论怎样都暴露出平台的审核机制漏洞,再一次说明网约车平台审核身份形同虚设。网约车的相关监管细则仍有待发布。”   来源:澎湃新闻 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: