Inventory of the past 8 years, the culmination of scientific experience in the United States and science and technology – People’s network, the original title: Obama legacy   Obama halted the space shuttle program, and encourage the development of commercial space industry. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson Reuters, with Barack, the president of the United States, preparing to leave office, Nature magazine analyzes the high tide and low tide of the cause of Science in his term of office. Obama’s policy on space research, biomedical research, research integrity and climate change. Stop the space program, Obama attempts to restructure the space program, including the United States Space Agency (NASA) has long been the plan to send people to mars. However, after nearly 8 years and a series of major changes, his efforts did not achieve anything. "NASA’s situation today is the same as that of a presidential transition and there is no essential difference." Smith, a space policy analyst who runs the space policy online site, says Marcia. Manned mission to Mars remains 20 years ago. Its arrangement is limited by the development of the necessary hardware (a new heavy launch vehicle and the crew cabin in the outer space to sustain the life of an astronaut). This is almost exactly the same as NASA faced 8 years ago, in addition to one detail: Obama gave up the moon as the first stop for astronauts to mars. The decision, announced in February 2010, shocked NASA, Congress and space policy experts. Obama canceled plans to send us astronauts back to the moon to prepare for the final landing on Mars, created by former George – Bush". Two months later, he announced a different route: the astronauts will first visit an asteroid has not yet been selected, and then go to mars. The White House has not consulted Congress on the change, angering influential members of Congress in the space industry, such as Florida, Texas and California. "The hostility of the Obama administration’s approach to this policy is still lingering in congress." Smith representation. However, Obama will be the United States to participate in the international space station for 4 years, that is, to 2024. The move was widely welcomed by scientists. At the same time, he oversaw the end of Bush’s space program. The last space shuttle Atlantis completed its flight in July 2011. Currently, NASA is relying on commercial companies will eventually send equipment and astronauts to the space station. The first commercial cargo was launched in 2012, and the first astronauts were scheduled to take commercial spacecraft to the space station as early as 2017. Biomedical high stakes when Obama chose physicist John Holdren in December 2008 as its chief scientific adviser, some biomedical researchers worry that this choice indicates that the White House preference for physical science. Soon, Obama calmed the fears. In the weeks leading up to his swearing in on the use of相关的主题文章: