How to effectively exercise the baby’s mathematical thinking – Sohu maternal and child life is full of mathematics, how to better train the child’s mathematical thinking? Mom and dad can take their children to look at the math problems in life, which is very useful for children’s mathematical thinking. Children’s mathematical ability is not to say that sitting in front of the desk, do a few more math problems can be improved, the children really like mathematics, in order to better improve children’s mathematical thinking ability! Next, we’ll look at how to do it. 1, cook math mom and dad in preparing a meal, always pour, called flour, placed separately, to estimate the time and see the menu. At this time you can let the baby in the baby learn to read the menu, you can let the child take a wooden spoon in a plastic bowl. Then let the baby to observe your behavior on the edge, to see how you are in a step by step according to the recipe to make delicious food, let your baby look at how you control the temperature of the oven. Also in the process of cooking tell the baby what he can help what can not touch. 2, "I" related figures in the baby back home phone and home address when they are very happy. Early in the day, the baby already know how old he is this year, he would also like to know their height in the end is how many centimeters. Put a baby on the call, will let the baby understand the concept of weight. The baby can slowly know how to wear the number of clothes, but also through observation that this dress is not suitable for their own wear, which is in the "space relationship" on the early training. 3, family life in the decoration of the house is also able to let the baby practice math skills. Let your baby look at your door, or look at you in the middle of the wall hung a painting. When you make a thing, you can ask your baby to do something for you, such as nails, screws and tools. But in the production process to look after the baby, do not let him touch dangerous items. 4, the game has a small game very much and math, like kids and compare the size of the age, the big baby playing tower blocks and so on, the baby in the process of playing the game can also appreciate the wonderful mathematics. If you can let the baby with the surrounding children activities and exercise, they have a chance to think about math problems. 5, money management baby can touch the money, money, save money, money and money under the supervision of people. When the children go out to play, when you can pay to pay attention to the education of the baby, tell the baby how much money these things, how to save money through the discount. This method is good, but the baby may not be able to understand the value of money, as the baby grew up, you can give him pocket money at the right time. 6, even if the trip out to play can also provide children with mathematics related experience. Look at the scenery on both sides of the road can tell the baby how to determine how much speed. Let your baby estimate how long it will take a bridge, let the baby read out the license plate number, you can also make him a simple addition. 7, play every family wine when taken相关的主题文章: