7 hot spots: the Lakers next summer after Curitiba Cavaliers training camp contract players – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 6th, let us plan the Lakers next summer after exposure to curry review today’s news TOP5: (click on the title to read more) 1 exposure after the Lakers plan next summer to curry since the latest U.S. media reports, sources the Lakers have revealed that the plan in the next summer after the warriors star Stephen – curitiba. It is reported that the Grand Army will by coach Luke Walton is responsible for the recruitment work. In addition, the cable also said, in order to facilitate the library to join, the Lakers would even put rotten one season. Thus in the Ming Dynasty, the accumulation of more valuable chips. 2 Knight training camp contract players from the "YAHOO" sports reporter Samas Chalaniya reported that informed sources, the Cavaliers and the nets point guard Kerr Brown ma – a training camp. Brown, 24, has played in the past 2 seasons at Broolyn. Last season, he played 62 games for the team, including 6 starts, averaging 15.8 minutes, 5.9 points over 2 rebounds and 1.5 assists. Brown’s defense is very aggressive, but outside of the general. In his first 109 regular season games, he scored just three points in the first half of the season with a total of 29.7% points. 3 Rivers Griffin to deny the transaction according to U.S. media reports, in an interview, the Clippers coach Rivers said that the team did not intend to trade Griffin, and in his opinion, the new season will decide whether Pearce is still can make nothing of it. This summer, the league has been rumored rumors about Griffin’s trading, next summer, Griffin has the right to choose to restore the body. But in Rivers’s view, the team did not bid farewell to Griffin. 4 Iverson Hall of fame in three, according to U.S. media legend CSNPhilly reported, "the answer" Iverson has been determined to participate in the 2016 Basketball Hall of fame ceremony, as Iverson Brown, Larry introducer, Julius Erwin and John Thompson will be present for "the answer" congratulations. This year’s Basketball Hall of fame ceremony will be held on September 10th, the organizers have been confirmed to attend the Iverson Hall of fame ceremony in 2016 news. 5.JR new season Cleveland Cavaliers hope that according to U.S. media reports, sources said, NBA League in addition to the Cavaliers, and no other team to provide a new contract JR- Smith. This means that the new season JR- Smith left behind the great hope of the cavaliers. This summer, JR- Smith became a free agent. In an interview, Smith said he hoped to be able to remain in the Cavaliers, but from the previous situation, Smith is hoping to get an annual salary of about $15 million in new contracts.相关的主题文章: