Is thin is beautiful? It is not necessary to be thin! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (aesthetic beauty expert Hou Dianju micro-blog) in the face of everyone in the pursuit of thin for the United States, but it is not necessarily to be thin to the United States, because if you have a facial depression, it is! When! Show! Old!! Because of the breakdown of love before the storm into a thin piece of Zheng Shuang’s sister, the cheeks are sunken, suddenly a few years old, people also look haggard, where there is a right cheek bulging drum when young girls invincible appearance. You know one of the three facial depression but the most obvious feature of aging. With the increase of age, facial collagen and hyaluronic acid to destroy lacrimal sulcus, intensify the loss, nasolabial folds, apple muscle disappeared and the collapse of the temple… On the face of a haggard and vicissitudes of the face, so the facial depression is usually always make people old. When you look at yourself will feel depressed, will wake up thin is not necessarily beautiful! Thin is not necessarily China beauty since ancient times "heaven is full, DIGE radius" aesthetic, as smooth and plump facial contour, not only beautiful and blessed. Facial face edges caused by too sharp, is the most popular appearance, because they look so sad, old and serious. Old look at our idol Rosamund Kwan, after the old depression can not bear to look directly at the face. With the increase of age, loss of collagen, The new supersedes the old. slowly, the face caused by the early appearance of false seniles. The common situation is the eye aging, such as the occurrence of eye fine lines, dark circles, the tear trough and other conditions; in addition, a grain is obvious, facial fat reduction, soft tissue degeneration and apple muscle collapse, the original abundance of full face will gradually drop, concentration of fat to the middle part, and the upper part of the face there is a clear depression. Rosamund Kwan’s facial depression was most prominent in the 4 parts of the eyelid, temporal, cheek and forehead. Depressed eyelid eyelid depression refers to the upper and lower eyelid and soft tissue between the orbital margin is not full, resulting in different degrees of atrophy of the orbital depression. According to the observation, there are more than 1/3 people in the middle age, the upper eyelid fat will begin to shrink, after the symptoms in the evening, the eyelids feel very heavy, eyes feel very tired, very dry. Some people because of physical and genetic reason, in their twenties began this change. The temporal depression of temporal depression depression that directly affect the temple site faces the upper part of the profile, give a person a kind of head face, sarcastic ridicule feeling. Plastic surgery in the temporal region is easy to overlook, but the temporal reshaping can give the whole face significant coordination. Only need to moderate Temple injection of autologous fat or hyaluronic acid, can greatly improve the temple contour, with beautiful lines. Cheek to cheek sag in the face of depression is thin, less subcutaneous fat and buccal fat pad, is often said that the "suck the gills", this is a kind of old appearance. Especially some actors, cheek sag is difficult to hide by makeup. Frontal depression forehead forehead if too.相关的主题文章: