Keep the number at the end of ten repair Zhengguo Shanghai couple captured 7 million 870 thousand Lotto winning the lottery – figure "eleven" National Day golden week, lottery Lotto jackpot joy big blowout! In October 5th, lottery Lotto 16117th lottery, 5 note 767 yuan prize from the national, Shanghai, Zhejiang, flowers, Fujian, Henan and Hunan five. Among them, the Shanghai lottery through a 10 yuan note 5 single ticket, captured 1 note first prize, two prize 1 note, a single vote bonus for 7 million 870 thousand yuan. At noon on October 8th, winning lottery Mr Xie accompanied by his lover quickly complete awarding. Keep the number of ten years once the winning lottery lottery said perseverance after winning the young couple good mood, the entire interview has showed a bright smile. Two 80 couples from Jiangsu, graduated from the University in Shanghai. They said: "we are the rural children in Shanghai, more than and 10 years of hard work, always wanted to own a house in Shanghai through their own efforts, the lottery prize will help us more quickly achieve ideal." The winner Mr. Xie is senior lottery lottery, the lottery has nearly ten years of time, he said: "the first time I buy a lottery machine is selected, I put the group number changed several digital on the formation of the 10 yuan 5 note single ticket, then started to keep the number of. At the same time, I will also buy 10 yuan vote, is the 5 single note, with a total cost of 20 yuan, has been keeping the habit. It can be said that winning is expensive in this stick!" On the evening that the winning couple excitement did not sleep a wink all night on the evening of October 5th, Mr. Xie rushed located in Pudong New Area road 550 Lane No. 8 Lianxi 12423 outlets to buy the tickets for the evening, after the lottery, Mr. Xie in the mobile phone on the lottery results query. Recalled the situation, he is still difficult to calm the mood: "I really see several times dare to believe that one night, basically did not fall asleep, my wife is quite excited, two people feel unbelievable." Become the envy of the lottery prize lucky, Mr. Xie has admitted that often warned their mentality should be smooth. He said: "we have a difficult family conditions in the home, today we have been lucky, on the one hand can be a lot of support for their relatives, on the one hand to improve their lives. But life will not change, we still have to do the work before, how to live, how to live is now." Then, he took out a piece of paper, said: "you see, this is a big lottery lottery day, I make a group of keep number, will continue betting this evening." (Chinese lottery network)相关的主题文章: