Lippi "country foot puzzle" only 1 block list there are 25 people or 2 unsuccessful source: Sports + National Football World Cup for the national team training camp in Kunming four days, Lippi for the team’s transformation, is gradually on the right track. Italians have a clear idea of the main frame. Lippi is currently the national foot puzzle, the last one is the left back. At present, in the China team in Haigeng training squad, capable of left back many players. Jiang Zhipeng and Li Xuepeng, is the first time the outside world. In addition, like Mei fang, Fu Huan and Zhao Mingjian, in their career has had a string of left back experience. And Lippi for this position selection criteria, more emphasis on attack. He hoped that the team in the offensive, both sides of the front guard can be inserted to support, or even act as two sides of the avant-garde. In this regard, like Jiang Zhipeng and Fu Huan, because of good offensive and strong ability to return, seems to be more favored by the Lippi. It is worth mentioning that, in the port club has been accustomed to the division of right back Fu Huan, a few days before the training has been left to the left of the Lippi. After understanding, this is because Li Xuepeng and Jiang Zhipeng in the past few days in poor health, so occasionally let Fu Huan temporary guest. Li Xuepeng in 3 on the first day of training, even jog alone on the sidelines. The national team first four days of training class, Jiang and Li have been the main symbol of the "yellow vest". In the 8 days before this position against the drow, perhaps even more intense competition. However, according to Lippi’s right back preferences and requirements, the possibility of winning Jiang Zhipeng seems to be even greater. In the outside world, however, the right back may be more brutal than the left. Despite Wu Xi, Mei fang guest, the national team currently has 4 genuine right back: Zhang Lin, Zhang Chengdong, Zhao Mingjian and Fu Huan. However, it is understood that Lippi in this position on the selection, the attitude is more clear: the first choice of Zhang Lin, the second of the Zhang Chengdong. As for the other two, Fu Huan’s case has been mentioned earlier. And Zhao Mingjian in the training, will often play the central defender. Back to 2014, which is the main position in the Luneng team Zhao Mingjian, I believe he is not strange. At present, the national team 8 with Wuhan zall teaching match, opportunity is exercise team is Lippi, "make a consideration of 25-2 subtraction. On the surface, Fu Huan and Zhao Mingjian because of the change to play the new position, it seems that the outlook is not good. But Lippi is likely to give everyone the chance to play in the game, which is the edge of those who strive for a 23 place opportunity. Fu Huan himself also said, the first time the national team, or do not set the target too high. First into the bench, and then get the opportunity to play." As for the returnees Zhang Yuning, due to Vitesse in November 6th and a Dutch, he plans to stay in Holland on the morning of 7 to fly back to China. It is reported that Zhang Yuning’s trip will be the two turn, the cumulative flight time of up to 17 hours. Expected to arrive in Beijing at 18 am, Kunming, 7. Reporter Wang Xiaorui Kunming reports相关的主题文章: