China team encouraged Hongkong youth volleyball players: believe in the power of the dream – the news agency of the new network in August 29 Hongkong Xinhua (reporter Ceng Ping) Chinese said the women’s volleyball team captain Hui Ruoqi 29 in Hongkong to share experience, indomitable spirit has always been difficult to solve, there is difficult to solve is the experience and experience. "The power of dream". The Rio Olympics Olympic delegation visiting the mainland elite third days, China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping 12 women volleyball players run "happy volleyball class public stadium in Ma’anshan, Hongkong from more than and 10 schools of 108 volleyball players and hundreds of young people to attend. At the end of the Rio Olympic Games, women’s volleyball China thrives, in the case not to be optimistic about the outside world to win the final, adversity to overcome the difficulties of impressive quality. Lang Ping and the Hongkong youth players share said, volleyball training is very hard, you only see the game, but the training time is the game much longer, encounter difficulties to adhere to, believe myself on the way to achieve the goal. Lang Ping said, playing or training or skills when you feel no progress, when sick or tired, as a team mate should encourage each other to overcome difficulties. Spiker Zhu Ting said, set a good target to complete the play is the most important day, trained well, naturally there will be progress. Women’s volleyball players then divided into groups of volleyball training and simulation game with the Hongkong school youth team. Lang Ping also stood on the central teaching volleyball essentials, such as gravity lower body to coordinate, force forward and pay attention to the footsteps of the mobile etc.. Set up training, women’s volleyball athletes respectively with male and female members of "33 combination" to play the game, and a successful spike active atmosphere. And Lin Li of the Hongkong women’s volleyball free up Maryknoll convent school team wheat? Yu said with a smile that today is different from the usual training up is the biggest "pressure", her teammate Hu Zhixian and Wei Qiuyue smiled after digging the ball "to describe the feeling is three meters high". Hongkong Ying Wa College players look to win Hui Ruoqi Hong Yangyang love game, "looked very excited very excited". Hong Yangyang was a varsity setter, attended the day simulation match she said, usually only as spectators, can personally play with elite "learn skills" feel very happy today. (end)相关的主题文章: