Russia intends in Vietnam and Cuba to reset the military base yet to respond more ancient map information: the former Soviet Union in Vietnam an important military base in cam Ranh Bay (painting) original title: Russia intends in Vietnam and Cuba to reset the more ancient military base did not respond to Beijing in October 8, according to foreign media reports, Russia is considering re to set up military bases in Vietnam and cuba. Vietnam and Cuba are important overseas military bases of the former Soviet Union, Russia, after the end of the cold war, Russia closed the base. Russian news agency quoted the Russian Deputy Minister of defense, 7, said Pan Ke Ke, the Russian Ministry of defense is currently reviewing the decision to close these overseas military bases. However, he refused to make further explanation. In this regard, Moscow Kremlin spokesman Per Skov said in response to a reporter’s inquiry, said: the global situation is not static, but constantly evolving. Over the past two years, the global situation of international affairs and security has undergone tremendous changes." He said that each country will be made in response to the interests of their country. Currently, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Cuban authorities did not immediately respond to media inquiries. It is understood that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia closed in Cuba lol Fernandez listening station in early 2000s, and is located in Vietnam’s naval base.相关的主题文章: