Food safety is no small matter, listen to what Li Keqiang says about the original title: food safety is no small matter, listen to what the prime minister office of the State Council issued the day before the "food safety evaluation method", clearly this year the food safety work of the provincial government for evaluation. In recent years, Premier Li Keqiang at the meeting, the instructions, inspection repeatedly urged to strict food safety, food safety crimes to "punish" zero tolerance "initiatives, to continue efforts to ensure that the masses’ safety on the tongue." From the strengthening of supervision to strengthen the responsibility, from the creation of a fair competitive environment to fight against criminals, in order to help you check the table, the prime minister has mentioned what hard requirements? State Department client, the Chinese government network WeChat (WeChat ID:zhengfu) take you to listen to. January 28, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang made instructions, he pointed out that the protection of food safety is still facing a daunting task, we must not slack, continue to tackle. Governments at all levels should adhere to the interests of the people first, and play the food safety committee of unified leadership, comprehensive coordination, in the spirit of reform and the rule of law thinking, strengthen the implementation of food safety strategy, accelerate the establishment of authority supervision system from central to local grassroots up, implement the whole supervision system of strict, strict from farmland to each line of the table the zero tolerance for illegal behavior, then, under the punch, and effectively protect people’s health and life safety. In June 11, 2015, the national television and telephone conference to strengthen the food safety work meeting, Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions, instructions that: food safety is everyone’s health and life safety, eat at ease, eat safe is our wishes, is to build a comprehensive well-off society into basic requirements. The need to implement the new food safety law as an opportunity, innovative ideas and mechanisms to speed up the establishment of the most stringent covering the production, circulation and consumption of each link of the regulatory system, improve the regulatory system, the full implementation of the enterprise, the government and the social responsibility of the parties. In order to strengthen the basic level of supervision and law enforcement forces and capacity building, to zero tolerance initiative to punish food safety crimes, to ensure that the people of the ongoing efforts to secure the tongue". July 25, 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held in Shandong, Ji’nan, a number of newly registered enterprises responsible person forum. At the meeting, Li Keqiang said that the government should strictly regulate and create a fair competitive environment, so that enterprises in the fair competition and healthy development. If the violation of the rules but did not receive the punishment, which hit the integrity of the law, pay attention to quality, emphasis on efficiency of the enterprise, it will lead to bad money to expel good money. Therefore, the government must punish those who violate fair competition. Especially in the field of food safety enterprises, so that criminals can not afford to pay the price!" Li Keqiang said firmly. The afternoon of December 27, 2013 in Tianjin and the camp gate, Premier Li Keqiang asked in detail about the area of food production and operation of business supervision and quality inspection methods. He reminded the staff, food related to people’s health and life, to ensure absolute safety. Most consumers directly buy food from the market, the business sector should be open to prevent food piercing eye"相关的主题文章: