The girl answered the phone and lost his father said the kidnappers threatened to "rape" original title: let the people lost contact, to blackmail their families posing as public security fraud and new tricks! Posing as a police officer to catch you, guide you away from home, resulting in loss of state, and then threatened to blackmail family. Recently, a college freshman was deceived by telecommunications fraud suspects, once lost contact, Guangzhou Liwan police had chosen the right way, successfully blocked a major fraud occurred, the girls lost contact finally wake up and come back home safe. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Dong correspondent Wu Murong, Zhang Yitao received a strange phone out of college freshmen after lost contact at 0:00 on September 17th Xu, Liwan District Public Security Bureau police station Danweitang received a warning, saying her daughter Lumou (18 years old, college freshmen) in September 16th 19 when out into the middle of the night, not to return home. His home received a threatening phone calls, said his daughter has been under control, requiring remittances 500 thousand yuan to the designated account, or to rape his daughter, and trafficking in their organs. After receiving the report, police station Danweitang immediately made contact with the Bureau of Interpol brigade. By police investigators to alarm people in detail about the preliminary understanding to the lost Lumou for freshmen this year, before he took the ID card credit card arrears phone, and that then a strange phone call out, mobile phone has been in a call, unable to dial contact. Handling the police judge this could very well be together due to leakage of personal information by using the telephone fraud, since the beginning of the day early in the morning, he judged the merits, while the residence around the carpet search, so as soon as possible to find the lost contact of College freshmen. That night, the alarm has received threatening phone calls, while the police investigators sent to appease the police who, while pointing to the deal with each other. The lost man’s phone has been in a call, police investigators proposed decisively to Mobile Corporation for the lost phone tangents, and achieved the assistance of Mobile Corporation, at 14:30 on the lost mobile phone number of the person of tangent. About 14:50, when all the investigators are in an orderly manner to carry out the investigation and anxiously waiting for the good news, the alarm party suddenly received a call from his daughter, said it was safe to go home. Posing as police telephone remote control, the "guidelines" to "avoid" originally Lumou in September 16th 17 when Xu received a Provincial Public Security Bureau staff posing as a phone, called the alleged money laundering, the public security organs to catch her, to hide their own, can not contact with their parents and relatives, the phone cannot hang up. The inexperienced Lumou phone so in accordance with the "guidelines" home "escape", and keep the phone in a call in accordance with the requirements of the specified period of time in bed, to the mobile phone in flight mode. Lumou was the so-called "staff" phone remote control, until the call is tangent, immediately back, found the callback is not successful, began to think calmly, that might be deceived, panic under rapid home. Currently, Liwan police are continuing to investigate the situation of the case. Police remind the general public, to pay attention to the protection of personal privacy, to a strange phone to Jun相关的主题文章: