Control lines 363rd: "Underworld" Xu SP: people selected words, one hundred years earlier than Hongkong chief executive election. Johnny To "Underworld", 2005 lines of control of the 363rd period, this line from the underworld. Hongkong’s largest community "and" new elections to the "speaker" (head, gang boss), two candidate Le (Simon Yam), D (Tony Leung ornaments) have their supporters, finally a win, angry D determined to quit the club. When people say, to get the leading stick, and began to struggle in internal consistency. This line, the police learned that after the election campaign, several police complained that. In the film, the underworld elected leader, is a democratic vote, much earlier than Hongkong in 1997 to return to nature. The gang’s "democratic elections" by the two strange things, one is the traditional brotherhood, brotherhood and mutual love; the two is the modern democratic procedure; however, the so-called election, full of treacherous strategy and brutal violence, the election is still the law of the jungle. A final with superb political skills of successful host, will D to win the hands. The underworld is a very special, high quality film with a strong cast. The film won the Hongkong Film Awards for best film, best director, best screenplay, Tony Leung also because the film won the best actor.相关的主题文章: