Qianjiang Evening News: the precise poverty, to control the fairness is very important – View – people.com.cn original title: accurate poverty, justice is particularly important to control the Gansu Kangle County, Gu village, Yang is not the poorest change orchid family, not a conclusion. This is a weak woman, this is a lonely house, totally disheartened fortune hurts unceasingly. But Yang Gailan home to enjoy a year of subsistence allowances, but it is in the village representatives, village branch, village committee and the village committee held a meeting to discuss the minimum qualifications was canceled. This means that the households in the village is not poor, means "all the real benefits of precise poverty and hope, the family has become a bubble. Yang Gailan this family was kicked out of the precise poverty alleviation queue is indeed some of the grassroots departments work is not fine, less than fair results. Accurate poverty alleviation, fairness and justice should be the first priority. However, Gu Shan Cun director to interview with the media, provides only "Yang annual per capita income of more than 4000 yuan, a rough account was significantly higher than that of the standard 2300 yuan". Obviously, the annual wage change orchid Yang husband earn only six thousand or seven thousand yuan, and at least more than 20 thousand "from the director of the village". And this family seven hundred or eight hundred yuan per year for grain fertilizer money can only be calculated with debts, the village director of harvest four hundred or five hundred yuan per mu, not in a spectrum. A Gu Shan Cun 191 households in 73 households for poor households filing riser, more than 1/3 people. As a family and villagers usually have few lonely people, married into "Yang daochamen son-in-law" Yang Gailan husband, they in the "village collective selection" have not been concerned fully and objectively? The per capita income of more than 4000 yuan, the conclusion has not been recognized by the Yang Gailan family? The key is that the 73 households in the precise poverty in the filing of the people, in the end is not poor than Yang Gailan? These questions are not straightened, the local precision poverty, it is a full Xiangyuan emotional look at food meal, it is a fair name, for the callous disregard the formalism of the selection process. Therefore, the selection of the form of programming, is to reflect the fair and equitable. But programming is dead, people are living. It can be a small number of staff twisted into a distribution at the dish with rice. Therefore, in the precise poverty alleviation, this is a matter of every poor family is the hope or despair in the distribution process, the level of the work of grassroots organizations, the effect of fair and equitable control is obviously important. But at least from the current grasp of the situation, the most critical data is not presented to the community. About this tragedy, to verify whether the poverty alleviation work in some places "accurate", is the Yang Gailan family’s poverty level, compared with the other 73 households filing cards family, do the fair. Yang Gailan such a family, at least at this stage of a well-off, need to rely on the government. Most of the time, it is more important to make every poor person not lonely than poverty. It involves fairness and justice, involving people’s well-being, involving the community to give them hope or despair. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: