Hearthstone legend 2017 new events planning announced HCT prize pool of over 13 million Sina hearthstone area in 2017 the "hearthstone" game will be a big change, but also increased the world championships and the world cup tour. Among them, the total prize of the global tour will reach 13 million yuan. "HCT" World Tour hearthstone (Hearthstone Championship Tour) we introduce 2016 annual "HCT" hearthstone legend global tour last year, in order to establish a set of system, hearthstone players will come from all over the world together, show a high level of strength and played each other in a whole year. At the same time, the standard model is also the first to debut year. The 2017 year of the first piece of information will be changed after the release calendar. In the past year’s journey, we have learned a lot, of course, also heard the valuable feedback. We are very pleased to share with you the key 2017 year we will implement changes: the world championship season (Global Season Championships) we hope in a year, can see more frequent global events, so we decided to play Ji Guanjun (to be Chinese area gold Super League Championship Season) merged into the global. Next year, each of the world’s quarterly Champions League will be selected for a home country, so that we go to the scene for the idol players refueling! In the playoffs (Season Playoffs) in season qualifier (corresponding to China gold Super League relegation tournament will be in the playoffs) replaced, four regions (America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Chinese) will be in each district elect 4 representatives, for every season the world championship season. In the playoffs will use the Swiss wheel system, and to the hotel the hero (Tavern Heroes, regional line match, the corresponding Chinese gold cup) included, but need to qualify through more intense competition ability, and into higher bonuses, so that more participants can load to be. Apply the standard pattern format (Championships Synced with Standard champion) we hope to maintain routine fresh and interesting, and continuously adjust the tour to make the HCT collocation and standard model years and the launch of the relevant content of the game. This means that each of the next year’s World Cup championship will be held during the cycle of its game content. At the same time, it also represents the next year, hearthstone legend world championships in early 2018 (ie, before the retreat). Points and the cup we will adjust the points from the tour and ranked in the battle, so that the allocation of more average and more players. We are also working on improving the cup system. Ranked in the battle to get the hearthstone legend competition points in the next month’s November standard model ranking season began to use. National Service Award ($) prize pool will be more than $two million. "The legend of furnace stone".相关的主题文章: