Guangxi Beijing walkthrough scene Liang Ronglang photo walkthrough scene Liang Ronglang photo walkthrough scene Liang Ronglang photo Beijing, Fangchenggang in October 14, at the border defense military police defense exercises in Fangchenggang – (Li Minjun Zhao Zefeng Liang Ronglang) with the exercise commander’s order, 3 red signal flares into the sky, the 2016 Guangxi border defense military police defense exercises in 14 days held in Fangchenggang. The exercises were deployed in various vessels 10, participating staff of more than 200 people. Exercise to a small share of unidentified persons in the border areas of frequent activities, from Dongxing to the Fangchenggang border exit blocked, Qisha fishing, fishermen snatch attempt to hijack the fishing boats, sea neighbors from fleeing the country as the background. After receiving the information, the Guangxi and Fangchenggang border defense department immediately launched the military police defense plan, set up a joint command, the land of the coastline was sealed off, the sea fishing boats were blocking molecules involved in terrorism, arrest and rescue kidnapped fishermen. During the exercise, the action unit and obey the command, cooperate closely, in the rapid response team, skilled movements, proper tactics, to further enhance the tube side of marine departments to respond to multiple security threats and effectively fulfill the mission of border defense ability, certainly highly the leaders and guests. The Guangxi autonomous region border Sea Office Director Huang Xiaoning said, held by the border defense military police defense exercises, inspection of the member units of the defense training results, the accumulation of military police joint prevention and control experience, to further stimulate the Guangxi border defense system and even the whole society to care and love the sea border and coastal defense, construction of border defense of the heroic passion, in order to preserve the edge of Guangxi coastal security forces. It is reported that the exercises by the Guangxi autonomous region border defense committee unified leadership, Fangchenggang border defense committee hosted the Liberation Army, public security, border security, maritime police, maritime, fisheries, marine, customs, inspection and quarantine units were set in coast seal control, joint pursuit, plugging rounded up three subjects, participating units 12. Vice chairman of the Guangxi Autonomous Region government, vice chairman of the autonomous region of Border Defense Committee Hu Zhuo, and the Tibet military region, Liaoning Province, Hainan province border defense officials watch the whole drill in the sea command. (end)相关的主题文章: