JINGWAH times: civilized travel, will not fear the blacklist – View – people.com.cn original title: civilized travel, will not fear the blacklist for modern citizens, civilization should be carried by the "identity card", the system needs to be constrained, but without the media from time to time to remind. Traveling with civilization, everyone is a landscape. Uncivilized tourists in Beijing have been included in the blacklist will be limited to visit scenic spots, Check Inn Hotel, s tourism. In September 28th, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission and the capital of civilization jointly issued the "Interim Measures" Beijing city tourism uncivilized behavior record management, combined with the characteristics of the capital, the first to introduce local management rules, supervision of uncivilized tourists and tourism practitioners. Once the "black", could not get into the area, live Hotel, even to the unit or street bulletin, this trick "and" enough. Visitors who get civilization seriously, I’m afraid I have to weigh, if continue, civilization will be thrown on the ground, will have to bear the cost of travel inconvenience, reputation. Eleven long holiday coming, in the peak tourist season, when the tourists in Beijing to restrain their behavior. The introduction of disciplinary measures, it is necessary. In real life, tourism is not civilized can be described as common, the reason for a long time it is difficult to completely change, a major reason is the lack of restraint mechanisms. Even with what tourists uncivilized behavior, in addition to lead spectator’s eyes, the cost is almost zero. There is no pressure, there is no price, those who often uncivilized behavior of tourists and how convergence? Last April, the National Tourism Administration formulated the "uncivilized behavior records management Interim Measures" came into force, according to this approach, the provincial tourism administration department responsible for the establishment of the administrative regions of the tourists uncivilized behavior record. Today, Beijing and other places have developed the relevant rules, taken in accordance with the law to restrict tourists uncivilized behavior. In support, but also need to sort out a few problems. First, we should define the uncivilized behavior. According to the National Tourism Bureau said, visitors uncivilized behavior to disrupt the bus, tram, train, ship, aircraft or other public transport order for tourism activities, destruction of public sanitation, public facilities, in violation of the national tourism destination social customs, living habits, damage, destruction of cultural relics tourism destination, to participate in gambling so, pornography and subject to administrative punishment, the court decision to take responsibility, behavior or cause serious adverse effects of social. In other words, the evaluation of tourist behavior is not civilized, should be in this framework, not random additions and deletions, otherwise it may infringe the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. Second, we should establish a complaint mechanism. Is "black" for civilization, but purely to blame tourists, tourists have the right to appeal, but also have the right to submit the objection to the application to the competent department of tourism and make records. Is not vertical, but also live, is "black", visitors can to correct their sincerely convinced, uncivilized behavior. Third, disciplinary deadline must be strictly implemented. Approach provides that tourism uncivilized behavior record information preservation period of 1 to 5 years, the implementation of dynamic management. Set a certain period of time, it can play the role of punishing, and giving up the meaning of more value oriented)相关的主题文章: