Jiangxi police who in a few knives to capture the drug-related suspects after the fall of blood – Sohu News newspaper Wuyuan news (reporter Zou Xiaohua, Yu Hongju) September 22nd, by the Public Security Bureau of Wuyuan County Drug man wounded Yongqin narcotics brigade Deputy captain He Jinliang was lying in the hospital for treatment, the injury tends to be stable. On the evening of 21, He Jinliang dealt with drug-related cases, drug-related suspects were recalcitrant knife, He Jinliang body knife wounded still bloody fights in the other, the police force will be captured suspects. It is reported that Shangrao, Wuyuan county public security department leaders have made a special trip to the hospital to visit and condolences to He Jinliang. The 21 day at 20:50, Wuyuan County narcotics brigade received a report that some hotel occupancy drug-related personnel. After receiving the report, He Jinliang took 4 police to dispose of. When they checked out a room, people in the room refused to open the door, and there was a loud noise in the room. In order to prevent the escape of suspects, jumping and destruction of evidence and other cases, the police forcibly broke. The police entered the room, hiding in the bathroom of the suspect Wang Moucheng suddenly jumped, and holding a machete to the police chase, He Jinliang immediately stepped forward to stop. In the process of seizing the suspect in He Jinliang’s machete, head, face and right hand thumb and index finger was chopped. He choked back pain, bloody struggle, in cooperation with other police, the suspect Wang Moucheng uniforms, but He Jinliang was lying in a pool of blood, after being rushed to hospital. After on-site inspection, the room together with the suspect Wang Moucheng, including a total of two men and three women, the above five drug urine test, all positive results. Wang suspected causes of shelter or other drug abuse and crime of obstructing the investigation has been suspected of drug abuse, the rest of the staff, is for further investigation.相关的主题文章: