Yunnan Yuanmou landslides caused 1 people lost 6 people injured – Sohu news for landslides caused by interruption of the railway Zhong Xin photo Chuxiong at all levels and relevant departments quickly implement the provincial and state leaders instructions instructions, fully engaged in disaster relief work. Start the emergency plan, the establishment of emergency rescue and disaster relief work leading group, clear responsibilities, implement the responsibility to do the emergency relief work; the relevant departments at all levels quickly dispatched forces rushed to the disaster rescue and relief, water supply, transportation, land, civil affairs, fire department personnel rushed to the disaster area, to help guide Yuanmou county emergency rescue and disaster relief, Lake governance, and strive to minimize disaster losses, and organize the relevant power with the railway authorities to rush through; go all out to carry out search and rescue personnel lost, injured rescue and appease the families; the affected people relocated to do the work, the Civil Affairs Department has mobilized 190 tents, 60 color of the cloth, 20 mineral water, bottled water 200 barrels. 1 tons of rice, edible oil, 40 bottles, 250 quilts, 100 sets of clothes to disaster areas, disaster victims relocated 2561 households of 8066 people ; actively organize the masses to carry out self-help production, the county Party committee and government have organized the masses to carry out self-help production of crops affected, the organizational strength of the part, comprehensive drainage pond dam reservoir reinforcement, the collapse of the village road repair dredging, cleaning the blocked culverts obstacles, such as sludge, avoid the occurrence of secondary disasters.相关的主题文章: