The implementation of the "electric Xinjiang" project     improve the power consumption — China central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises pointed out the latest news, General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the face of new energy supply and demand patterns change, new trends in the international energy development, the protection of national energy security, we must promote the revolution energy production and consumption. Shenhua Group as the first Xinjiang central enterprises have full integration into the economic and social development in Xinjiang, as the active in the construction and supply of The Belt and Road "core area of side structural reform, and actively implement the" electric Xinjiang "project, improve power consumption, do the" audio-visual Xinjiang "this great article. On the supply side as a structural reform initiative is the initiative Yajian excess capacity. Shenhua Group to respond positively to the call center, to speed up the supply side structural reform, take the initiative to shut down, low pollution and low value-added surplus capacity, through the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, environmental protection, green and efficient mining of coal, technology, management, development "blueprint for the construction of Xinjiang coal base". Two is to improve the effective supply of existing capacity. Investment priority, tilt to the high production efficiency, green environmental protection, equipment leadership, management science, so that in the current economic situation, more competitive. Through the spontaneous survival of the fittest, with responsible action, to achieve the maximum protection of green vegetation, ecological water, fresh air in Xinjiang, so that the autonomous region to achieve innovation, coordination, green development. Three is relying on independent core technology to achieve clean coal power generation. Shenhua Group, the existing installed capacity of 79 million 360 thousand kilowatts in 42.6%, 33 million 810 thousand kilowatts ultra low emissions, rely on advanced integrated pollutant treatment technologies, implementation of collaborative and efficient removal of contaminants, power autonomous region "audio-visual Xinjiang" project, Xinjiang coal development lead to near zero carbon, zero nitrogen, sewage zero emission direction. Four is relying on its own intellectual property rights of key technologies to achieve clean coal conversion. Shenhua Group has the world’s leading clean coal conversion technology, has built the world’s first demonstration project of millions of tons of coal direct liquefaction, 9 provinces and cities in the layout of the coal chemical projects have been mature operation. Shenhua Group through traditional clean energy, clean energy scale, clean and environmental protection industry three paths to promote the transformation and upgrading of the supply side of the structural reform in the region play a typical role model. Actively implement the "electrification Xinjiang" project to actively implement the "electrification Xinjiang" project to improve the proportion of electricity consumption. Xinjiang’s economic structure in the proportion of energy economy, the existing capacity is limited by the power consumption capacity, production capacity is far from full play. Accelerate the electrification of Xinjiang project, can effectively stimulate investment, increase people’s income, increase the total amount of GDP in the autonomous region. Actively implement the electrification of the Xinjiang project is conducive to ecological sustainability. Xinjiang is the front of the national lung respiration and ecological protection, environmental carrying capacity is low, the "audio-visual Xinjiang" project will promote the use of ultra low emission technology to help reduce pollution, reduce emissions, which is conducive to energy production "zero emissions", "zero environmental disturbance", more help)相关的主题文章: