Philippine defense minister: has notified the United States to suspend and joint patrol the South China Sea data figure: US Philippine joint patrol the South China Sea original title: Philippines informed the United States and the U.S. suspended in the South China Sea joint patrol plan in new Manila on 7 October, (reporter Zhang Ming) Philippines Defense Secretary Luo Lunsana confirmed 7 days, according to Philippines’s president Duthel Te’s instructions, the Philippines authorities have formally notify the United States, U. S. Army suspended in the South China Sea joint patrol plan. Loren Sana told the media he said earlier this month in the United States of Hawaii to the Philippines the decision conveyed to the commander of US forces in the Pacific, the U.S. government is aware of the Philippine US joint patrols in the South China Sea, the plan has been suspended. The former president of Philippines President Aquino, the United States frequently use the South China Sea ", and the Aquino administration planning to carry out joint patrols in the South China sea. Philippines President Duthel Te came to power after the end of June this year, has repeatedly criticized the United States, and pilloried President Obama and ambassador Goldberg, claiming to halt U. S. joint patrol plan and the South China Sea Philippine US joint military drill activities. Luo Lunsana confirmed that President Duthel Te wants to stop the 28 field exercises activities currently annually held jointly by the U. s.. He stressed that if the United States to withdraw military assistance to Philippines, Philippines armed forces can also try to cope with. Loren Sana pointed out that the United States of Philippines to provide military assistance "and not much", Philippines’s military can request congressional appropriations for revocation of U.S. balance of military aid caused by the "no assistance from the United States, we could survive". Loren Sana said he believes President Duthel Te’s goal is to reduce Philippines’s dependence on the United states. Coincidentally, Philippines’s foreign minister Yasai recently also stressed in a statement, because the United States let Philippines down, President Duthel Te had to adjust foreign policy, leading Philippines onto the pursuit of national interests of the independent diplomatic road. Yasai accused the United States long-term use of "carrot and stick" policy on Philippines, forcing Philippines to succumb to U.S. demands and interests, "the end of Philippines to the United States interests to effectively deal with security threats at home and abroad, Philippines must rely on the United States as soon as possible to get rid of". (end)相关的主题文章: