Kun Ling is a "double face sweetheart"? Jay Chou: to protect his wife broke. The grade Kunling entertainment Sohu Jay Chou behind wife   Jay Chou sound supporting wife   Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Kunling and Jay Chou (Jay Chou) after the birth of a daughter Hathaway, recently busy Hollywood film career, marriage of both, is the perfect wife Mommy, recently being broke is "double sweetheart", triggered a dispute. In this regard, Jay Chou 16, a rare sound behind the wife, "this kind of nonsense is counter pediatric level", was praised husband explosive Man fried! Kunling was recently broke weekly "double sweetheart", accused of 3 counts that contains the mask before filming the staff feeding, only to the senior photographer laugh, and deliberately tease children delays in shooting. In this regard, Kunling broker denied, said the ad did not have time to apply the mask, and print photographer, was the eldest brother together for a long time, "basically just ask the team, they all felt Kunling very polite, with a high degree of people." The Kunling accused of deliberately teasing kids, more brokers said this is groundless statement, and the room no outsiders, don’t know what the revelations come from. November 16th Jay Chou rare to Kunling sound, behind the wife, "although that bird is still very curious to see the news, content, look for broke people pinching cold sweat, this nonsense is Pediatrics grade, you simply say that she is a good rider, sensational."   相关的主题文章: