Hubei cadres for public expenditure and social donation is a lighter punishment – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Wuhan September 29th news (reporter Tan Yuanbin) 29 reporters from Badong County People’s Procuratorate of Hubei Province, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture was informed by the Badong County Housing Institute of investigation and prosecution and former director of the Bureau of urban and rural construction Shui Shichun, the first instance of taking bribes and sentenced to 2 years. In the spring of the world after tax to pay part of the money used for bribery, poverty alleviation, and the existence of crime, repentance, pay back the illegal proceeds, so to get a lighter punishment. The prosecution allegations, the defendant tax alcolin served in Badong county Party school vice president, director of the Badong County Housing and Urban Construction Bureau during the use of his office and illegally accepting contractor Tanmou, Chen, Wu Yuan, a total of more than 680 thousand yuan (including 100 thousand yuan has been turned over to the unit), for Tanmou, Chen, Wu the construction of the project in the construction site, construction supervision, coordination and other aspects of the disbursement of funds to help. In the spring of the world tax accepting bribes, during the period from 2012 to 2014 to Badong County along the river town of Maple Village, Tianchi village, Dazhiping Ronghe village, Zhen Mao Yesanguan town SHUITIANBA village paid poverty relief fund 95 thousand yuan; October 21, 2014 to the unit of labor unions feather Yang club to pay 40 thousand yuan in funding. In the course of investigation, tax alcolin report revealed Badong County deputy magistrate Xuemou (dealt with) the crime, verified, meritorious service. The July 20, 2015 tax alcolin initiative to Badong County Commission for Discipline Inspection and returned the money 470 thousand yuan. After the court held that the tax on the use of the convenience of the world cup, repeatedly accepting other people’s property, a huge amount, his behavior constituted bribery. Tax alcolin exposing others to the crime, and provide important clues that can be verified, meritorious service, it can be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. After the arrest, tax alcolin truthfully confessed his crime, repentance, can be given a lighter punishment according to law. The spring of the world after the tax initiative to pay back most of the illegal income, the discretion given a lighter punishment. Alcolin received a bribe tax in part for public expenditure and social donation, but discretionary lighter punishment. Tax on the world has been handed over to the spring of 100 thousand yuan in the unit, does not belong to bribery, should not be calculated in the amount of bribes. In summary, Badong County People’s court sentenced for taking bribes tax alcolin was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and fined 100 thousand yuan; the illegal income of RMB 580 thousand yuan, to be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.相关的主题文章: