The "separation" controversial role of Hai Qing admits that he does not agree with   " tiger mother " – the media – original title: "I don’t care so much about the child’s score" Hai Qing version of "little parting" poster recently, "farewell" hit, which Hai Qing changed the past "national law" image as a tough character of the tiger mother, let a person shine at the moment. However, this role has attracted a lot of controversy, praise and Tucao sound as one falls, another rises. An interview with reporters, said Shi Haiqing, in fact, he does not agree with the practice of tiger mom, life with her son is not only the mother and son, but also friends. After the "separation" in the play, Hai Qing said to the two children born of the impulse. "If I give birth to second babies, it will reduce the work first, and then be psychologically prepared." "If I meet such a mother, I feel like I’m going to crash," the Guangzhou Daily said Because of Huang Lei? Hai Qing: two, for you, master let me do, I basically not rejected. In fact, before he came to me to play two plays, I do not have time, especially embarrassed. This time, "small separation" is the master said to wait for me, I did not see the script came. In addition, I believe my master’s ability, at that time, he gave us homework, poor homework he can tune particularly well, instantly into a particularly good work. Guangzhou Daily: you play this is a tiger mother Tong Wenjie, do you agree with her education? Hai Qing: in the way of education, to be honest, I think there are many unsatisfactory areas along with children. She is a very strong control of the people, very nervous for the score, if I met such a mother, I think I will collapse, she felt a little negative. Love is the driving force of the original, but the power of love leads to the wrong way. Guangzhou Daily: there is a scene that you have been a gas halo, and take medicine to eat more to the hospital first aid, then you improvise? Hai Qing: Yes, foaming at the mouth of the scene is a scene of improvisation. You know I sometimes would be my son Daniel gas halo, gas I do not know what to do, Tong Wenjie that the medicine is so want to come out of the plot. There is a line, "you can’t go to the key middle school is not a key university, the top university, your life is over," the word which I speak impromptu, at the time when finished, Huang also music, it is said to his students, just took the first day with No. Tong Wenjie’s pulse. "After the filming of a special want to reproduce a second child, give him to see you see the beautiful scenery," Guangzhou Daily: after you finished the "small separation", you have a revelation, or what help? Hai Qing: I’d like to have a second child. I know what to do with him. I took Daniel inside the process really feel that the child is really God’s gift to us, the children of many excellent qualities and inherent quality, we are slowly lost, so Daniel is my teacher, his honesty, his courage, and he sometimes kind don’t give up, I think I have no, but)相关的主题文章: