Men’s street 80 yuan to buy fake police uniforms posing as police cheated more than 40 thousand yuan – Beijing, northeast news network August 26th fraud posing as police officers of the Pony (a pseudonym), August 6th was the battle of the Public Security Bureau police arrested. After the police investigation, found the colt has repeatedly cheat, fraud victims 4 yuan. 24, 2009, police investigators briefed reporters on the pony fraud. Help people posing as police affairs according to police reports, the pony has a legitimate occupation, 2013 also was arrested for impersonating a police officer after fraud, sentenced, after his release, he began again. "". In May 15th, the pony came to a hotel near Saertu Qiulin mall. Into the store, he claimed to be home decoration, I like quiet, I hope the boss to find a room without a window and a small room. Ms. Chen, the owner of the hotel in accordance with the requirements of the pony to find a room. After the arrival, Ms. Chen saw the pony every day is 8 pm to go out, and dressed in police uniforms, armed with batons, back at about 17, and every day at the train station walk around. In the course of contacts, pony and Ms. Chen acquainted. Pony said to Ms. Chen, he is deputy director of the Daqing Municipal Public Security Bureau of public security. One day in July, Ms. Chen asked about the pony, Daqing City Public Security Bureau police recruitment affair, and said to her husband when the police, hope to be able to help the pony. "I have a brother who is a team leader." Pony said. Ms. Chen is very happy, let the pony help. A few days later, he found Ms. Chen said, his brother up deputy director, he had to send a gift, get 4000 yuan of money, Ms. Chen erhuamoyue lent pony. A few days later, the pony again found Ms. Chen borrowed 5000 yuan of money, said colleagues in trouble, urgently, Ms. Chen again out of money. Online that the sale of second-hand car at the end of July, Ms. Chen saw the pony’s circle of friends made some cheap car photos, then ask if there is a suitable vehicle, said his brother wants to buy a car. "Did you find the right person, my brother is a police team, there are a lot of cars to sell, there is a KIA jeep is suitable for the sorento." Pony said. Ma told Ms. Chen, his friends there are many. The car to a price auction, but in order to make sure to get the car, pay down. Ms. Chen then found her husband and brother to discuss the matter, his brother took out 35 thousand yuan, so that the pony to help buy a car. After the pony in accordance with the procedures to stay a copy of Ms. Chen’s brother ID and an inch photo. At the same time, he said, the police do things were available, has been preliminarily approved, need to submit a copy of your ID card and one inch photos, have to pay for the postal savings bank card to pay. Then the letter did not pay for the car after a few days, the pony to Ms. Chen said, the car thing is in the bag, currently going through the formalities, will soon be able to put the car. 3 days later, Ms. Chen’s brother asked the matter, the pony gave him a file bag, filled with a piece of paper on the "new car transfer, KIA Sorento, owner Moumou, telephone number, traffic police detachment etc.. See)相关的主题文章: