Click the "war" file 9.16 blockbuster hit – Mid Autumn Festival badminton entertainment   Sohu; "strikes" still     Sohu entertainment news by the famous director Wang Xiaoshuai, producer Yan Xusheng’s blockbuster Guoneishoubu badminton sports movie "strikes" released officially entered the countdown, the film will be announced on September 16, 2016 landing of the theaters. The film brings together Wang Jingchun, Wang Sen, Bao Chunlai, Qiao Xin, Liu Xiaoguang, Rain Lee, Wang Yizhe and the new and old star, broke the audience for the domestic sports movie theme narrative and a tall figure close to the moment, the inherent cognition, creation of new perspectives and tells the story of a "anti hero" offbeat stories. Down to earth people shape makes the film content believable, fusion of youth, blood, and action suspense plot elements make the film full of tension, lively rhythm, is a commercial type of film full of sincerity to make gene. Open ocean sports movie blockbuster movie market Chinese badminton large incoming cinema system, commercial reform in twenty years, the box office is increasing year by year, especially in the past five years results all obvious to people. However, driven by the profit driven by the capital, the film type has become increasingly similar, single subject matter has long been criticized by the audience, change, will be the main task of the next development of Chinese film. Sports movie as a film of a type of long-standing, although the yield is not much, but also classical frequent, but in the domestic film market is hard to find, twenty years, qualified can be described as very rare. But this type of film is really big, as long as the proper operation, the box office prospects should not be underestimated. It is a blue ocean yet to be opened, waiting for people to appreciate and explore. Click the "war" as a pure domestic sports movie, from project development to the upcoming release of the past four years, the promotion and development of Chupin Beijing Hao Xin Yuan film culture media Co., the company has always been committed to creating a badminton sport, has never been covered, authentic domestic badminton is that they are large since the long cherished wish. China throughout history, this kind of movie theaters almost no landing of the. Now, click "war" will be released, it is open a precedent for badminton sports movie, it also made a good start for the development of domestic sports genre, hope in the future there will be more high-quality sports film, diverse types of film Chinese adds a force!相关的主题文章: