Fine little rain this week is an invigorating autumn climate model Express News (reporter Xu Cen) recently entered an invigorating autumn climate "mode, all day long enough to see the blue sky and white clouds, but the temperature difference between day and night is a bit larger, more cold morning, the afternoon sun is the sun. Jiangsu meteorological said in Jiangsu this week will be such fine weather. There is no rain, the day a little dry, to remind you to drink more water. This morning will be cold, not only the wind temperature is low. Along the Yangtze River and the South of Jiangsu area of 18 to 19 DEG C., the northern area is only about 16 DEG C. But then a lot, the wind gradually reduced to 3 to 4, the temperature rose to 26 degrees celsius. The next two days the temperature is to maintain this state, only the highest temperature of tomorrow will be reduced to 24 degrees to 25 degrees, the weather is cloudy, the body will feel cold, you’d better wear more. After the temperature rise to 25 to 27 DEG c.. This little rain pleasant weather, very suitable to go out for a walk! Nanjing three days the weather is cloudy today, 4 to 5 north wind gust 6 and gradually decreased to 3 to 4 to 17 DEG ~26 DEG ~25 DEG C to 17 tomorrow cloudy day cloudy to sunny 18 ~27 OC

天晴少雨本周是秋高气爽模式   快报讯(记者 徐岑)最近进入“秋高气爽”模式,一整天的蓝天白云看不够,但是昼夜温差有点大,早上越发的冷,午后阳光却很晒。江苏气象表示,本周江苏都会是这样的晴好天气。没有雨,天有点干,提醒大家多喝水。   今天早晨还会冷,不仅风大气温也低。沿江和苏南地区18℃到19℃,北部地区只有16℃左右。不过随后就好多了,风力逐渐减弱到3到4级,温度回升到26℃左右。明后两天气温也维持这个状态,只是明天的最高温会降到24℃到25℃,天气有点阴,人体感觉会冷些,大家最好多穿点。后天的高温又回升到25℃到27℃。这样少雨舒适的天气,很适合出去走走哦!   南京三日天气   今天 多云,偏北风4到5级阵风6级并逐渐减弱至3到4级 17℃~26℃   明天 多云转阴 17℃~25℃   后天 多云到晴 18℃~27℃相关的主题文章: