"Chinese new song" boy Jiang Dunhao Wang Feng said the frontier upset win had a hunch — Shandong channel — "new song" people.com.cn Chinese finals night broadcast in Zhejiang TV and Youku, to the ocean, Wang Chenrui, Jiang Dunhao, Xu Geyang, Li Peiling and Yang Meina six players after three rounds of fierce competition, the results generally agreed that before winning the upset. Hot to the ocean, Wang Chenrui sacked all, without striking Jiang Dunhao upset win. It was also the first time that Wang Feng, who was the first to take the championship as a tutor, finally got on the headline, Wang Feng said later that it was very early. The boy upset win last night finals three rounds of competition, Jay Chou team to the ocean has been regarded as the dark horse to win. The first round of mentor assistance is different from other students’ habit of singing on the stage. When they play the dubbed in the ocean, they also show a Scotland dance step together with their mentor Jay Chou, which is very eye-catching. Jay Chou is also very satisfied with his disciples. "A very energetic young man is very hard, and very kind and very polite. Many friends around me like him very much." In the individual show links to the interpretation of Jay Chou’s classic ocean ballad "longest movie", this version will be more fit to the western ocean background music, into R (commissioning editor: Zhang Liandong, Hu Honglin) 《中国新歌声》边疆男孩蒋敦豪爆冷夺冠 汪峰称早有预感–山东频道–人民网 《中国新歌声》前晚在浙江卫视和优酷播出总决赛,向洋、汪晨蕊、蒋敦豪、徐歌阳、李佩玲和杨美娜六位选手经过三轮激烈角逐,结果出人意外,之前普遍认为的夺冠热门向洋、汪晨蕊悉数落马,而并不引人注目的蒋敦豪爆冷夺冠。这也是汪峰当导师以来首次带出冠军,终于上了头条的汪峰事后表示,很早就有(夺冠)这种感觉。 边疆男孩爆冷夺冠 前晚总决赛分三轮比拼,周杰伦战队的向洋一直被视作夺冠黑马。第一轮导师助演环节,与其他学员习惯在台上站定唱歌不同,向洋演绎这首《双截棍》时,还和导师周杰伦共同秀出一段苏格兰舞步,非常抢眼。周杰伦对自己的弟子也非常满意,“非常有活力的一位少年,非常努力,而且非常善良,非常有礼貌,我周遭很多朋友都很喜欢他。”在个人主秀环节,向洋演绎周杰伦的经典抒情慢歌《最长的电影》,这一版本将更多契合向洋的西洋音乐背景,融入R (责编:张连东、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: