Jinhua, a small nose often pulling nose hair lead to erosion nose loading… September 22nd at 7 pm, a man wearing a mask walked into the emergency room of Jinhua Yiwu Chouzhou hospital, see a doctor immediately after taking off the mask, "doctor, help me, my nose pain can not stand fast." "The nostrils are all eroding, you see, even the skin of the upper lip is swollen here, it’s time to come to the doctor." Doctor, director of Otolaryngology doctor Guo Zhengji followed by a careful examination of the guy’s nose before the nasal cavity, asked whether long-term exposure to dust or often nose picking. The guy froze for a moment, he usually is digging nostril pulling nose hair habit, think of pulling nose hair does not matter, no bleeding, swelling, and so often by hand pulling nose to nose, a little pain, rub some alcohol. The young man said that in the last few days, his nose was so itchy that he did not dare to scratch, and he did not dare to touch his nose when he washed his face, because there was a tingling sensation. It is understood that the man surnamed Wu, a native of Yiwu, 28 years old this year. The guy said, he had many men used to do this action, often put your finger in the nose hair pulling, but they also do not know what this action will bring much harm to the nose. "It’s a very bad habit, and if you don’t pay attention to the problem sooner or later." Dr. Guo said, digging a nostril pulling nose hair lead to nasal vestibule, there is a great number of patients, and mostly young people. "Pulling nose hair, nose pores are susceptible to bacterial invasion, prone to infection, inflammation." According to Dr. Guo, the nasal cavity is the gate of the respiratory tract, which is the passage of gas exchange between the human body and the outside world. On the growth of nasal mucosa cilia, located in the frontier, such as respiratory gate guards, charged with blocking dust, bacteria enter the body with the breath of the mission. It is equal to the hair removed the door guarded by sentinels respiratory tract, dust, bacteria can smoothly into the human body, causing human illness. Pull on the nose at the same time, the growth of vibrissa mucosal damage. This not only affects the function of mucus and immunoglobulin A secreted by nasal mucosa, but also helps bacteria to enter the injured nasal mucosa and cause inflammation of nasal mucosa. "The result is pulling nose hair nasal defenses weaken the ability of disease, pulling nose hair, cut hair, nose is harmful." "There is a dangerous triangle between the nose and upper lip. Venous entry into the cranial cavernous sinus can cause intracranial infection. If the infection is very serious, meningitis will occur." Guo doctors advise young people to maintain nasal tidy and beautiful appearance, can be properly trimming hair, but not too short, but can not directly hand pulling hair, so as to avoid the adverse consequences of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus lesions.

金华一小伙经常挖鼻孔拔鼻毛 导致鼻孔糜烂加载中… 9月22日晚7时左右,一小伙戴着口罩走进金华义乌稠州医院急诊室,看到医生后,马上摘下口罩,“医生,帮我看看,我的鼻子痛得快受不了了。”“鼻孔都糜烂了,你看,连上唇的皮肤都肿胀在这里,早就该来就诊了。” 接诊医生、耳鼻咽喉科主任医师郭正吉随后又用前鼻镜仔细检查了小伙的鼻腔,问其是否长期接触粉尘或是经常用手指挖鼻孔。小伙愣了一会说,他平常是有挖鼻孔拔鼻毛的习惯,以为拔鼻毛不要紧,不会出现流血、肿胀的情况,于是就经常用手伸进鼻子里拔鼻毛,一开始有点痛,擦点酒精就没事。小伙说,最近几天,他的鼻子痒得难受,却不敢挠了,洗脸时也不敢触碰鼻子,因为一碰就有刺痛感。据了解,小伙姓吴,义乌本地人,今年28岁。小伙说,他身边有不少男人也习惯做这个动作,经常将手指伸进鼻子里拔鼻毛,但他们也都不知道这个动作会给鼻子带来多大的危害。“这是个非常不好的习惯,如果不注意迟早要出问题。”郭医生表示,挖鼻孔拔鼻毛导致鼻前庭炎的患者为数不少,且以年轻人居多。“拔鼻毛后,鼻内毛孔易受细菌入侵,极易发生感染出现炎症。”郭医生介绍,鼻腔是呼吸道的大门,是人体与外界进行气体交换的通道。生长鼻腔粘膜上的鼻毛,位于前沿阵地,像呼吸道大门的哨兵,担负着阻拦灰尘、细菌随呼吸进入体内的使命。掉鼻毛等于撤掉把守呼吸道大门的哨兵,灰尘、细菌可畅通无阻地进入人体,引起人体生病。在拔鼻毛的同时,也使生长鼻毛的粘膜受到损伤。这样不仅影响了鼻粘膜分泌粘液和免疫球蛋白A的功能,而且有利于细菌趁机进入损伤的鼻粘膜,引起鼻粘膜炎症。“拔鼻毛的结果是削弱了鼻腔防御疾病的能力,拔鼻毛、剪鼻毛、挖鼻孔都是有害的。”“鼻与上唇之间有危险三角区,静脉入颅内海绵窦的,可引起颅内感染,万一感染后果非常严重,会出现脑膜炎。” 郭医生提醒,年轻人为保持鼻腔外观整洁、美观,可适当修剪鼻毛,但不宜剪得太短,更不可直接用手拔除鼻毛,以免造成鼻腔、鼻窦病变等不良后果。相关的主题文章: