People’s Daily: Jiangsu more than 9 rural household electric power "– Jiangsu windows — original title: Jiangsu more than 9 rural power to realize the popularization of the" people’s Daily "on 08 October 2016 08 edition screenshot original title: Jiangsu more than 9 rural household electric power" "electric boiler to replace coal-fired boiler, single piece of woolen sweater cost although expensive 0.05 yuan, but the ironing efficiency and yield increased by 20%, and more safety and environmental protection." Live in Wujiang District of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Song Ling Zhen Heng Shan village community bull sweater factory is responsible for Xu Shanmao, very satisfied to the new renovation of electric boiler. In the Hengfan community of Wujiang and the replacement of coal-fired boiler with electric boiler, 121 local businesses have been completed, accounting for 79% of the total number of households willing to transform, and 66% of the total number of coal stoves. "This is due to our new round of agricultural network transformation." State Grid deputy director of Sales Department of Jiangsu Chen Zhenyu said, in a new round of upgrades to the upgrading of rural power grids in Jiangsu to carry out power household project. At present, the low voltage power line in Jiangsu Province, 373 thousand km direct services in the rural areas, the total length of 380 volt power line has reached 345 thousand km, accounting for more than 9, rural household capacity has reached the average level of 4 thousand and 150 KVA, far exceeding the national average capacity of 2 thousand and 200 KVA, effectively enhance the rural residents life quality of electricity production. From lighting to power plants, the factory can run a long distance and often have a power stop. Sometimes it will affect the processing of cloth. After the transformation of the power grid, there was no sudden power off, and our business was getting more and more red. Su pointed villagers Su Yingxi said Changshou City ancient town. In the promotion of a new round of rural reform process, Changshou City power company power supply radius for ancient long problem, a new transformer load or the original segmentation with variable volume increases and the erection of new 400 volt connecting line. Similarly, in Changshou City Yushan Town Crane Lake Village, about 500 households in small and medium-sized garment processing workshop 200 buildings. The local power supply department, through the transformation plan of the rural power network, has set up a new capacity transformer to transform the low voltage line and the household device, which has effectively protected the power demand of local farmers to start family businesses. In the home run factory, the most needed is the power that is higher than the lighting electricity. Chen Zhenyu said that power electricity is also called three-phase electricity, which is a zero line for three fire lines, the voltage between zero line and each line is 220 volts, and between two fire lines is 380 volts. Power and power are mainly used for power consumption of large machine tools, machinery, mixers, motors, etc. nowadays, small processing, including individual family processors, usually needs power. In the countryside, lighting is generally set up. Where does the power supply come from? The state power grid Jiangsu company in the promotion of a new round of agricultural network transformation, power electricity has become a mark. Every household in the province can have its own family factory in the home, which lays a solid foundation for the "public entrepreneurship and innovation". From the gas bottle to the electric boiler, the green production increase efficiency is due to the economic development and the large number of small rural enterprises. Suzhou is the earlier place for the transformation of the agricultural network in Jiangsu. Jin Linping, No. 49 in Cangzhou village, Wujiang horizontal fan, is the first user of the local transformation. Jin Linping has a deep understanding of the benefits of "coal electricity". "20 years of dealing with sweaters, the first use of gas bottles, later converted to coal-fired boilers, yard has been stacked a large number of coal." Jin Linping said that a worker should be specially arranged to add coal to the coal stove every time it is ironed. Not hard, coal-fired boiler combustion also emit large amounts of smoke, smell, dust pollution is serious, get home The atmosphere was foul. More seriously, coal-fired boilers are slow to outgassing, and if the chimneys are flooded with heavy rain, it may also lead to inability to supply gas. Before replacing the electric boiler, Jin Linping also compared the biological furnace. But the furnace needs to burn biomass particles, large volume, and the need for storage of biomass fuel. Although the use of electric boiler is slightly lower than the cost, but still not convenient. In the end, Jin Linping chose 24 kilowatts of electric boilers. Though they invested more than 5000 yuan at one time, the output of electric boilers was 20% higher than that of electric boilers. Coupled with government subsidies, electric boiler is more cost-effective than coal-fired boiler original, higher output efficiency. "Use the power production, more exciting." Jin Linping said happily. Wujiang power company responsible person, in order to promote this work, evaluate the company related to the power supply facilities of the load carrying capacity of nearly 3 million yuan, for the special funds for supporting the transformation, the new transformer 13 units, capacity of 3 million 600 thousand KVA; 11 capacity in-situ compatibilization, 1 million 700 thousand voltammetry; transformation of 400V line 4.15 km, to meet electric boiler users after the opening of the increased load, to ensure safe use of electricity. At the same time, the horizontal fan power supply went deep into the local village committee to investigate the bottom and intensify propaganda, and set up a dedicated channel for electricity consumption, simplify the process of acceptance, create or transform users’ external lines, and enhance the enthusiasm of users to "coal to electricity". In 2015, Jiangsu "13th Five-Year" a new round of rural power grid upgrading project started, the Power Grid Corp in accordance with the national unified arrangements, the first batch of Jiangsu city power grid project investment 5 billion 500 million yuan, of which 4 billion 500 million yuan of rural special projects, mainly in 3 areas: rural distribution transformer capacity increase distribution, and new capacity distribution transformer 23 thousand; optimize the channel. The new transformation of the distribution line of 3932 kilometers; low pressure supporting the construction and retrofit of 400 kV line 6000 km. (commissioning editor Tang Lu and Zhang Xin)

人民日报:江苏逾9成农村实现动力电“户户通”–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:江苏逾9成农村实现动力电“户户通” 《 人民日报 》2016年10月08日 08 版 版面截图 原题:江苏逾9成农村实现动力电“户户通” “用电锅炉取代燃煤锅炉,单件羊毛衫成本虽然贵了0.05元,但熨烫效率和产量提高了20%,而且更加安全环保。”家住江苏省苏州市吴江区松陵镇横扇社区轮牛村的羊毛衫生产厂负责人徐杉茂,对新改建的电锅炉非常满意。 在吴江横扇社区,燃煤锅炉用电锅炉替代工作开展以来,当地已完成替代121户,占到意愿改造总户数的79%、煤炉子总数的66%,取得了生态文明建设与经济社会发展的双赢。 “这得益于我们新一轮的农网改造。”国家电网江苏公司营销部副主任陈振宇说,在新一轮农村电网改造升级过程中,江苏率先开展动力电“户户通”工程。目前江苏省37.3万公里直接服务农村的低压电力线路中,380伏动力电线路总长度已达34.5万公里,占比超过9成,农村户均容量已达4.15千伏安,远超过全国户均容量2.2千伏安的平均水平,有力提升了农村地区的居民生产生活用电质量。 从照明电到动力电 家家可办加工厂 “以前接动力电很远,而且经常会有跳电停电的情况,有时会影响布料加工。电网改造以后,就没有突然断电的情况了,我们的生意做得越来越红火。”常熟市古里镇苏家尖村村民苏迎喜说。 在新一轮农网升级改造过程中,常熟市供电公司古里供电所针对供电半径过长的问题,新设配变分割负荷或将原有配变容量增大,新架设400伏接户线路。 同样,在常熟市虞山镇湖鹤新村,200栋楼房里有大约500户小型服装加工作坊。当地供电部门通过农网改造计划,新设增容变压器,改造低压线路和接户装置,有力保障了当地农户开办家庭企业的动力电需求。 在家办工厂,最需要的是比照明电要求更高的动力电。陈振宇说,动力电也叫三相电,为三条火线一条零线,零线和每条火线之间的电压为220伏,而每两条火线之间为380伏。动力电主要应用于大型机床、机械、搅拌机、电动机等用电,现在小型加工包括个体家庭加工户一般需要动力电。在农村,一般架设的都是照明电。 动力电从哪里来?国家电网江苏公司在推进新一轮的农网改造中,动力电成了标配。全省每一户农户在家中就可以拥有自己的家庭工厂,为“大众创业、万众创新”打下坚实基础。 从煤气瓶到电锅炉 绿色生产增效益 由于经济发达,农村小企业众多,苏州市是江苏较早进行农网改造的地方。家住吴江横扇沧州村49号的金林平,是当地第一批改造的用户。对于“煤改电”带来的好处,金林平深有体会。“与羊毛衫打了20多年交道,最早使用的是煤气瓶,后来换成了燃煤锅炉,院子里一直要堆放大量煤炭。”金林平说,每到熨烫时,要专门安排一名工人给煤炉加煤。辛苦不说,燃煤锅炉燃烧时还排出大量浓烟,味道大、粉尘污染严重,搞得家里乌烟瘴气。更严重的是,燃煤锅炉出气慢,一旦遇到暴雨天烟囱进水,还可能导致无法供气。 在更换电锅炉之前,金林平也比较过生物炉。但这种炉子需要燃烧生物质颗粒,体积大,还需要堆放生物质燃料的仓库。虽然使用成本比电锅炉略为便宜,但依旧不方便。 最终,金林平选择了24千瓦的电锅炉,虽然一次性投入了5000多元,但电锅炉体积小、出气快、供气稳定,产量提高了20%。加上政府补贴后,电锅炉比原先的燃煤锅炉更划算,产出效益更高。“用上动力电,生产更带劲。”金林平高兴地说。 吴江供电公司相关负责人介绍,为了推进此项工作,该公司对相关供电设施的负荷承载能力进行评估,争取特别配套改造资金近300万元,用于新增变压器13台,容量3600千伏安;原址增容11台,容量1700千伏安;改造400V线路4.15千米,以满足电锅炉用户启用后增加的负荷,确保安全用电。同时,横扇供电所深入当地村委调查摸底,加大宣传力度,并开设用电申请专用通道,简化受理流程,新建或改造用户外部线路,增强用户“煤改电”的积极性。 2015年,江苏“十三五”新一轮农村电网改造升级工程启动,按照国家电网公司统一安排,江苏第一批城农网专项工程投资55亿元,其中农网专项工程45亿元,主要投向3个领域:农网配电变压器增容布点,新建及增容配电变压器2.3万台;优化通道,新建改造配电线路3932公里;低压配套,新建及改造400伏线路6000公里。 (责编:唐璐、张鑫)相关的主题文章: